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When will my reflection show. ⁉️

Hello Everyone!💚 If you haven’t guessed, this topic is inspired by the animation movie ‘Mulan’. 

I can relate with Mulan’s story, as I’m sure a lot of us might. The expectations from loved ones that you must fit a particular mold, created by traditional and cultural preconceptions. 

  • That you are not normal if you don’t fit into this archaic mold.
  • That you are a rebel with no respect for your elders. After all, doing as you are told, without questions or protest is a mark of ‘respect for elders’. 
  • That a young person who is apparently made with and for a difference, is bound to be a failure, which unfortunately could be true. Not because a person is different, but because the environment stifles and  doesn’t accomodate anyone who is different. In this case, it doesn’t hurt to find another environment to thrive and succeed.

I remember the first career I decided I would pursue as a child: Newscasting. Well, my parent discouraged me and gave me reasons why I won’t suit for the job or the job won’t suit me, or whatever. Then I wanted to be a super model, that too was too ‘showie’, among other things. 

I may not still desire to be a newscaster, but I want to be a show host, either on TV or on radio. I still want to be a model. Now that I’m a fashion designer, modelling my designs will be just appropriate. 

But I look at myself, as the years are going by, one year at a time, (ouch!) and I ask myself, when will my reflection show, who I am inside?!

It puts my enemies (not me!) in a gloomy doom mood. But one has to think about it, because well, I don’t recommend playing ostrich — not even to myself. 

But asking how gives one more hope, energy, and push to do something. Asking when is waiting for something to happen, rather than working on something to happen. 

So let’s try it: How will my reflection show, who I’m inside?

Sounds better, right? 

How sounds like an action word. Like asking, what do I do, to make this happen? 

  • Know your strengths, your abilities, and exercise them. Many of us are too aware of what we can’t do, that we have become oblivious to what we can do. Identify your strong points, and make them so strong that they turn your weaknesses to strength. Your strength doesn’t have to be popular, but with faith and the right work, they will become a brand worth mentioning. If someone can shop for others as a career, I really don’t see why yours should receive less acclaim. 
  • Be aware of  your weaknesses and inabilities but don’t dwell on them!
  • Find the strength in your weakness. The solution in your inability. 
  • Work with what you have — a hand work or talent in a positive manner — to get what you need. Work from where you are to get to where you are going
  • Encourage yourself and always keep hope alive. Believe in God and what He has invested in you from beginning of creation. 
  • Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life. Never allow any negative thought or words settle in your mind. If it’s negative, replace it with positive, no matter who said it to you. 
  • Learn to seek and depend on God, and His wisdom. Because only God knows the end of a thing even before it begins. 
  • Never despise humble beginnings.
  • Be persistent and diligent. 
  • Believe that all things are possible to them that believe

With these points I believe our God given reflection will begin to show. 

Shalom. 🎶🦋💞


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