Christian Musings, Movies and lessons learnt

Fiction as Real as Reality. 

Hello wonderful people!💚 I hope we are doing good in our different corners of our global community. 

I’m a student of the Arts. I believe literature is the mirror of life. So if literature is the mirror of life, why are we always quick to dismiss stories and literary works as unreal?

For me every story is history or a prophecy come to life. Because we don’t know anyone personally whose life story is similar to fiction, doesn’t mean it isn’t other people’s untold story. Either in the present, past or the future, in any other part of the world. It may have been the author’s imagination, but it doesn’t make it any less real. Like a character in a Indian TV serial said, ‘The truth is sometimes more strange than fiction’. 

If stories are all fictitious, then why is it necessary to write before the story that, ‘…any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events is purely coincidental’? Because it’s possible for someone’s imagination to be another’s reality!

As these thoughts were established in my mind, I set out to always draw lessons from every story I read and movies I watch. The best way to describe fiction for me is what they call Historia in Spanish. 

Most of what I have learnt in my life are from fiction. I suppose how one views something will determine what one gets out of it. A lot of people, simply digest fiction for fun or entertainment. But I study fiction like non-fiction material. I see the culture, the fashion in the costume, the beauty in the interior decoration, the themes of the story, the personality of the characters, the uniqueness of the story. That is why, I read the plot/summary of a novel/movie before I watch it.

I love historical, medieval movies a lot. So much infact, that a modern novel/movie has to be extremely unique and interesting, to get and keep my attention. 

Fiction is not that removed from reality. If it was, people won’t spend time and money reading or watching fiction. And people are into fiction because, it has life, which only something real can have. 

Shalom. 🦋💜


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