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Pro-choice versus Pro-life

Hi Everyone💚 I needed an excuse to air my views and blow steam on this matter.

Pro-choice and pro-life has become a part of our lives or at least our society for quite sometime. These categories are mostly used in the West, but since we are all citizens of the global community on social media, then I suppose if you want to define your stand in this manner, it’s your call.

I can safely say I’m a pro-lifer. I’m yet to see a non-christian who is a pro-lifer, and I think I know why.

We as Christians are called to live selfless lives. To be born-again is to give your life to Christ. Ours lives are no longer ours, it’s Christ’s. That’s why we are called ‘Christians’, because Christ defines us, governs our decisions.

We can no longer do what we want to do, but do what Jesus would do and what God has created/called us to do.

So we answer to a higher calling.

To a non-christian, that sounds like bondage, and I’m aware they want non of that. They want freedom. Well, I have learnt that we define everything differently based on our perspective, understanding and experience of different things.

A non-christian is more likely to be a pro-choice person.

The thing and theme of pro-chioce is ‘self’. It’s about wants, not necessarily needs. It’s about how it benefits ‘self’, not minding how it may affect others. Actually, sometimes I’m lead to believe, from their body language and tone of voice, that they don’t really care if their actions affects other people. If that isn’t the case, then why would they ‘insist’ on what someone else’s choice should be?

A fanatic feminist would have several ‘cows’ and become harsh when a woman chooses to make lunch for her husband, or be a full-time wife/mum, or use ‘wife and mother’ in their profile description. Apparently, those are ‘cardinal’ sins in the feminist world.

But if you are truly fighting for women’s choice, then what makes you think, you get to tell her what  her choice should be?

Now that might backfire on a non-feminist pro-lifer, who protests against abortion, for instance. But in their defence, they are not pro-choice, so they are not under any obligation to allow anybody do whatever they darn well please. Can you blame pro-lifers though? If we all live on individual islands without anyone’s actions affecting anyone else, then yes, pro-choice might work. But you see we share this world together, whether we like it or not. A threat to life is a threat to all, whether we agree/believe it, or not. The truth will remain the truth, whether one believes it or not. It’s not going to change what the truth of any matter is.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for pro-choice people. I mean, how do you get a court order not to interfere with your choice, yet you have to explain why it’s suddenly wrong for a woman to choose to be a suicide bomber, for instance? It’s her choice and no one has the right to tell her what to do or  interfere with her decisions, right?

A pro-lifer isn’t caught in that sort of dilemma. Whatever negatively affects life, they speak against it and try to proffer positive solutions or options. It’s not about what they want. It’s about what is right — for life and living, in general.

Is anyone really against life?



2 thoughts on “Pro-choice versus Pro-life”

  1. I used to be pro-choice until I read Jeremiah 1:5. I’ve never been a fan of feminism. You’re right about feminists coming down hard on women who choose to be home-makers. If feminism is all about women’s freedom to be whom they want to be, then, a woman has the right to choose to be a house-wife and raise her children. I remember women who supported Bernie Sanders instead of Hilary Clinton were criticized by feminists. They felt that women should vote for Hillary because she was a woman and not because they felt that she was the better candidate. You’re right. If feminists believe in a woman’s right to choose, then she should be able to choose if she wants to be a career woman or a wife and home-maker. Another thought is that based on posts I have read, pro-choice is all about self while pro-life is about the unborn. As Christians, we are to put others before self.

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    1. Exactly!! You nailed it! Pro-choice is why we are were we are as a world. Some people somewhere chose to eat stuff or cook up stuff. And now we are all paying the price for it.
      I think this virus will go away only when we learn that everything we do has ripple effect. In the main time, those who have learnt will be secured.

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