Christian Musings


What to say? I’m a bit athletic in my build, in a feminine way, of course. So I look less angular, when I wear clothes with fitted sleeves or sleeveless.

Interesting, how we moved from long sleeve to short sleeve, from short sleeve to sleeveless, from sleeveless to strapless, from strapless to decolletage…?!

We seem to be wearing less and less fabric in this millennia. Or rather, promoting nudity– that pro-choice thing again.

Speaking of sleeves, I see sleeves as an accessory of fashion. There are different types, shapes and ways to design sleeves. I like the possibilities that comes with making sleeves. I’m of the opinion that less is more. With that in mind, I see unique possibilities in ‘ordinary’ things. 

Of course this days, sleeves are made with nude transparent fabrics. Not bad; if they are made modestly and done stylishly.

Shalom. 🦋

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