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Word Prompt: COURAGE

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is working and walking through that fear to reach your goals.

Hello Beautiful people!🎆 I choose to write about this word prompt because it’s an action word that applies to all aspects of life and living.

Being alive alone takes courage, because without courage one will merely exist and not live.

Courage is having the mind of, ‘Whether this works or not, I’m going to move forward with this’. Courage is not feeling ready for an opportunity, but seizing it anyway.

Courage is starting that project with incomplete or no resources.

Discouragement is allowing fear and insecurities to paralyze you. When it comes to courage it’s a task you may have to take up on your own. Usually, the people closest and dearest to you  may even dissuade you from taking up an opportunity or something great, because they feel it’s beyond your strength and ability, because they don’t want you to fail or be hurt.

Courage is needed when reaching for something beyond your abilities and strength.

Courage is loving and trusting again after several hurts and betrayals. Courage is fighting to maintain who you are in the whirlwind of life, so that life will not alter you soul negatively.

Courage is choosing forgiveness over bitterness, love over hate, right over wrong. It always choosing and doing what is right, when it’s most difficult, and there’s a lot to loose.

I remember when I decided to apply for a leadership course. I chose to believe in all God has taught me through His word and books I have read, rather than the certificates I may or may not have. The person closest to me didn’t think I will pass the exams. I had to beg the person I borrowed money from, to assist  me with transportation and necessary expenses.

Eventually I got the funds and permission. The entrance exam was a test of what we had in our heads. So even if I wanted to read, I didn’t know what to read. With prayers, faith and courage, I sat for the exams.

The cut off mark was 70%. By the grace of God, out of thousands of young people from different states in the country, I was one of the over two hundred applicants that passed.

To me, it was a miracle, to be among those more qualified that passed, when those who didn’t pass where also more qualified.

I passed from the first level of the course to the second level. I’m awaiting results to move to the final level. I hope and pray I pass, but no matter what happens, I know I got thus far because I chose courage over facts. I chose faith over fear. I chose to believe, than to focus on whether I know enough or not. 

Courage is what makes the sky a stepping stone. It’s also a choice. You have to choose to be courageous at every point in time. The courage needed for one task, is not what will be needed for the next task or level of challenge or opportunity.

Choose courage every time something seems overwhelming and impossible.


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