Christian Musings

Word Prompt: Present.

“Today is a gift , that is why it’s called the Present 🎁” — excerpt from the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ movie.

Hello Beautiful People!🎆 Happy Sunday to us all. The present is about what we have today, and specifically, right now. It’s been said that the present, is the result of yesterday and what we do today will influence our tomorrow.

Many people have a misconception of what the present is all about. The present is the moment we are in. Often, we hear people say, they don’t know about the next moment or what will happen next, but they will live each moment like it’s their last. But the question is, ‘If people are living every moment like it’s their last moment, then why does everything seem worse than the previous generations?’

It is how we see the present and how we live or use it. If the present is a gift, then many of us are misusing it. Many live and behave recklessly because they believe they might not live long enough to reap the consequences, so why do good? ‘It’s my life, my moment and I will do as I please.’ ⁉️

I dare say that is a wrong attitude, because I believe when we should use our presents to build legacies, to make positive impact and to contribute our own quota to the well-being of our generation.

Do we really want to be remembered as one of those who added trash to the dunghill of our generation, or do we want to be remembered as someone who helped remove the trash?

The present is a gift from God to do something right — even if it’s to drink water rather than another bottle/can of alcohol or sugary drinks.

How we live the present may be our choice, but we can’t choose the consequences. If you don’t want the consequences of an act, then flee from that act. So if we want another present present, let’s use the present moment wisely. Because how we live this present moment will weigh heavily on the outcome of the upcoming presents.



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