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Hello WonderBeau People!

It seems every of my recent posts has been about how long it had been since I posted.

I have been busy and on the verge of stress.

Doing so many things at a time isn’t fun. At all. But I can’t settle for one thing alone. I just need to find my rhythm and all will be well.

Rhythms are also related to music. Music is also a combination of sounds.

Mine might actually be an orchestra. If I can learn to play each instrument at the right time with the right tone.

Maybe I’m meant to be a maestro, who coordinates the performance of the sounds.

I’m not lost though. Just a bit … disoriented. But I will be fine.

Speaking of lost, feeling out of place can be considered as being lost.

Many have been lost, many are lost.

It’s sometimes a feeling –not being able to fit.

Going through a season of change without knowing it.

I once read a quote that says, it’s okay to loose a relationship as long as you don’t loose yourself.

A lot of us are lost in family, relationships, career, jobs, business, other people, circumstances, problems, even life.

And how do we know? If we can’t remember who we are outside everything and anything, everyone and anyone, then we are lost.

Who we are is our compass, that helps us find our way, take our stands, take risks, take up challenges, choose our battles and forge ahead to reach were destiny fulfillment is.

Knowing ourselves is a study for life and living. And this has nothing to do with what family, friends, society says we are.

Go deep within yourself to find out why you do what you do, say what say, read what you read, believe what you believe, think what you think, react the way and to what you react to.

You can’t do this alone. You need Jehovah through Jesus Christ to help you navigate your reason for being.

None of us are accidents — regardless of what you have been told. We are deliberately and precisely created for a noble cause, a purpose, to be a solution.

Knowing Who your Creator is, is a great start. The more you know God the better you understand yourself. The more stable your humble confidence.

Knowing God makes a huge difference in the lives of those who seek Him.

No one can make you feel less or insignificant. You see through them immediately and you eventually get to a level of moving from amusement to pity for anyone who is trying to play cheap psychology on you.

The more of God you know the more settled and less restless you are.

Are you lost?

Then find yourself in God through Jesus Christ our Saviour.



via Your Daily Word Prompt – Lost – November 27, 2018

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