Christian Musings

The Musings of a Sanguine Christian Woman: Introduction.

  • Hellooo Beautiful people!🌻 Wow! I would or should be giddy now, but I feel half asleep, yet still prompted to start my first post. It’s been on my mind to start a blog for a long time. But not having the device features to support that vision, or not knowing what thought to start with, has been an obstacle. Then the right device came along (Hallelujah!), and download problems ‘happened’. Eventually I got the app needed to start, and that wasn’t before I downloaded apps that were not ‘it’.
  • So I got ‘here’ a few days back, wondering again, “Where do I begin with what I have to say?” Because I do have a lot to say. And if you are like me, who’s tired of talking to herself then sharing your thoughts with a blog is not a bad idea.
  • I believe I have learnt a lot. And I’m willing to share with whoever cares enough to read the posts, that I will churn out here, by God’s grace. These upcoming posts might simply affirm what you already know; encourage you, amuse/entertain you, inspire/motivate you and hopefully draw you closer to God.
  • I have read/heard more than once, that to receive more, you have to empty yourself. Well, I hope this blog helps me empty myself to have more than enough room to receive something positively fresh from God and you beautiful people.
  • Expect change of profile names and website every once in a while. I’m not averse to changes. I think it’s exciting and refreshing.
  • I hope to read from you soon and you can share with us how this post may have helped pushed you (even if it’s a teensy-weeny bit) into starting or doing something you needed to have been doing for so long, but you somehow remained stuck at the planning stage, like I was. Till then have a productively amazing day!🍍

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