Musings of a Sanguine Christian Woman.

Hellooo! Beautiful people😊 Hi! How ‘was’ your weekend? Yes, ‘was’. Once it’s Sunday, it’s the beginning of a new week, and if you are not ready or prepared for a new week by Sunday, then you have reasons to feel miserable, or at least worried.

Speaking of Sundays, if you are a Christian, (if you are not, I humbly advice that you become one😊) you do church work on Sunday, even if it’s just to attend service. I have always found the gathering of the body of Christ, spiritually strengthening, but physically exhausting. I feel like I have ran a long distance race. So if I don’t get enough sleep on Saturday, I know I’m probably going to pay for it on Sunday morning.

Missing Sunday service is something I’ve done more times than I care to count, and I have not been happy because of that, because I feel like I missed a party, so I avoid missing church. I need to be among people I can feel at home with and talk about God, His word and how He’s been helping us– individuals. This however means getting late to church because I was snoozing when I should be getting ready; wearing clothes I just laundered on Saturday evening — yes, yes, I know I need to be more organized. By the time church service is over, and I have visited and socialized with Church family, the last thing I want to do is cook. Reason why I never understood the concept of ‘Sunday Dinner’, when all I want to do after church is sleep. Of course, I could be persuaded to watch an exciting movie with ready-to-eat delicious snacks and fizzy drinks. If not, I’m off to sleep. To buttress my point, I’m almost sleeping as I’m writing this, if I could just locate the ‘save as draft’ button, I could continue this when I wake up or later. But I already wrote so much, and I don’t relish having to do it all over again. *Signs* It is well.

So. What do you do on weekends, that affects your upcoming week, either positively or negatively? Are they habits or practices for you?

I would love to read from you. Until then, get rapturable and stay rapturable.🍇


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