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All Lives Matter: Depends on Who You Ask…

Hello Wonderbeau People! 😊💐💐💐💐💐💐💐I hope we have all been good. With the help of the Most High God, I have been good. The goal is perfection as Jehovah desires it, but we will get there one step at a time.

A lot has been going on, on the international scene, that we can relate with, one way or the other — no matter which part of the globe we belong to or are situated.

I have been out of the loop in my writing, though the passion is there. I have been reading other blogs by amazing writers and commenting on what I think, on matters I have been very eager to write about. I deliberately took a nap, so my desires can synchronise with my bodily will. So here I am.

This post will address what I think of Pro-choice, now known as the Pro-abortion movement.

I have been watching in amazement via different social media platforms the excerpts of madness the pro-abortionists have been indulging in.

What I will like, is for many of them to be sued for “threat on lives and property”, which they have openly said or threatened to do to prolifers. I believe the government has let them run wild for far too long. For anyone to threaten bodily harm or sexually harass someone on camera for the whole world to see, and no legal action has been taken, makes me wonder if the justice system is asleep.

I am glad though that we have won a victory for life. That the unborn now have compassionate voices, whose voices have grown stronger and more persistent.

The pandemic has been a double-edged sword in many ways.

One of which is the forceful vaccination that was beginning to gain momentum globally, until the threat of the virus suddenly became less of a threat and many global citizens were not going to sit for being forced to get poked with a controversial vaccine.

Now you might wonder what the heck the vaccine has to do with prolife or pro-abortion. Well, it so happens that many pro-choice folks were very pro-vaccine, which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t “crusading” for all to be vaccinated — whether they wanted to or not.

It was not just their body, their choice anymore. It was also their choice to decide for everyone else.

That was an eye opener for many prolifers, that pro-choice people were not that compassionate about other people’s choices. It was simply a matter of convenience. Because the talk in the media was that an unvaccinated person could infect a vaccinated person. Therefore, for the “safety” of all, everyone “must” be vaccinated or else…you know the rest.

And that was when the vaccinated became vehement in their demands for others to be vaccinated. Like most abortions, people were coerced and threatened to vaccinate.

Pro-choice folks became the very thing they accused prolifers of — forcing others to conform to their beliefs.

This I believe brought about this more vocal and organised protest against abortion. The pro-choice have shown themselves to be as intolerant and sanctimonious as they accuse prolifers to be.

Prolifers have realised that appealing and “kowtowing” to the “sensibilities” and rights of prochoicers — at the expense of personal rights — will not be reciprocated.

So prolifers went all out for what they believed and the opposition became very hostile, abusive and violent in some cases.

Now, it would seem every prolifer is in danger, including churches and pregnancy resource centres; something abortion clinics never had to worry about. Because all lives matter to prolifers, including the lives of prochoicers and their unborn.

From the aggressive reaction of many prochoicers, it would seem like the animal-farm mentality lives rent-free in their psyche — some lives are more or less equal to others.

I will like to think that many pro-choicers agree to disagree with prolifers and do not go beyond that. However, the snippets of outrage I have seen, have made me doubt if there are any prochoicers left, who are not violent in “defending their choice”.

Shout out to all prolifers that have and are still holding the Fort on the frontline for the unborn. I want to appreciate you, for being gracious and courageous in the face of open threats. God bless you, and keep you strong, safe and standing in Jesus Christ’s name. This isn’t about us. It’s about God, our conscience and the preservation of humanity.

For prochoicers and/or proabortionists, I hope for your sake, you come to know the truth which will make you free. However, prolifers will no longer bow to your choices. Prolifers have their “choices” too. And they have every right to defend it.