Chronicles of the Crown: Court Conspiracies.

Indira knew some elements where trying to beguile her husband into a trap.

Not on my watch, Indira thought.

Respected chiefs of the realm. Allow the warlords discuss this with his majesty at length. I’m sure your king will let you know his verdict on the matter, soon enough.” Indira cajoled

Weekend Writing Prompt #194 – Beguile
Christian Musings

Chronicles of the Crown: Delicate Decree

The royal spectators gasped as the wild horse the emperor was wrangling, nearly trampled him.

Indira dropped inelegantly into her seat. She still felt dizzy from watching her husband almost get trampled.

She snatched the fan from one of the fanning maids, and fanned herself vigorously.

Empress Er’Oria watched her daughter with muted amusement.

“And you say, you don’t love your husband” She stated as she continued watching her son-in-law wrangle the horse.

“Mother please. Not now” Indira huffed.

“You are in denial that your husband is the reason you are in such sweet chaos.

Indira shook her head in exasperation.

“When you and husband welcomed me, I saw butterfly wings and bear paws.

Indira startled.

“Aye ye know what that foretells: Love, love-child and danger. Danger to your emperor-husband”

Indira closed her eyes in despair.

“It is my most delicate decree, that you consummate your marriage without delay. I doubt you will forgive yourself, should he die without you bearing a love-heir for him. Who knows? Maybe your embrace will increase protection around him and inspire him to stay alive for you and the babe.”


“Be calm, Indira. I pray you and your husband will live long and be victorious. I merely ask that you do your part.

“Yes, mother.” Indira sighed in concession.

November Writing Prompts: 1-Sweet chaos, 2-Butterfly wings and bear paws 29-A delicate decree

Christian Musings

Early Warnings

“To be forewarned, is to be forearmed”

Premonition is something we often feel, but most ignore. Only few people walk into danger without warning. The warnings are usually niggling unease, suddenly feeling exposed or vulnerable, feeling unsafe.

Unfortunately, people ignore, with one excuse or the other, their inner or internal danger alarm system.

Those feelings of impending doom could come during regular or routine activities.

I have gotten dressed for church so many times and I don’t step out of the house because I felt uneasy about it.

I have changed and rescheduled plans and outings because I didn’t feel safe going out. Mind you, these were activities that are not new to me. But when something I normally do, suddenly and unexplainably feels abnormal, I don’t force it. I simply do something else.

It could be taking a particular road/route, taking your vehicle or boarding transportation or entering a place/building; if you suddenly feel uncomfortable, just find another way or move away.

A proverb says, “He who waits, will see what’s in the shrubs .” It could be a wild animal.

Ignoring a premonition is not the same as taking risks. With risks, you are well aware what you are getting into and you have prepared yourself in all areas to cushion the effect. With a premonition, it a sudden I-have-a-bad-feeling-about-this moment, that you can’t shake of or explain away. You don’t know exactly what, when, and where something would go wrong. You just know something doesn’t feel right. Don’t make the mistake of mistaking risk, for danger.

It might be someone else who would have a premonition, that concerns us. Let’s not ignore the warnings. It will keep us from stumbling into unpleasant surprises.

Shalom. 🦋