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Troubling Tensions

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a long while.

I have been otherwise occupied and I am loving it.

This year has been a very long year, for the world, for Africa and Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are people in the seat of government, who want to look over the shoulders of everyone as they post on social media.

Apparently, the rules of engagement that social media has in place already is not enough for them.

They want no one to say or post anything that doesn’t praise them as the messiah — which they are not.

Reminds me of the USA elections.

Many Christians are praising Joe Biden. I sincerely don’t know why. I mean, I haven’t been following the events, I don’t know the man and I do not trust politicians — even if they are Christians.

All I can say is, we will see.

We will see how Christian he is.

As far as I am concerned by their fruits we shall know them. Not by their words and certainly not by their titles/qualifications, but by their qualities — the quality of their values and their moral compass.

I am a bit bothered that America is yet to produce a president in her 20s or at most 30s — even if it’s a he — at least someone young!

Then again, the millennials in the USA haven’t exactly shown leadership promise. Blunt, daring and bold perhaps. But the very idea of a USA millennial in governance does not reassure me. I may have underestimated them of course, but feel free to proof my theory wrong in this matter.


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The Mission 

Emira was excited.

Her mission was about to begin. There was no better way to introduce herself as the new boss of the  military of this region. 

She had come at this time based on classified information, of another invasion and she was here to prevent more borderline soldiers from being killed like they were sitting ducks. 

If her new colleagues didn’t recognize her as one of them — and she seriously doubts they would — then they would have failed their first test. Which means they would be sent to her special training, which they seriously need. 

This was her 3rd time on Indian soil. The previous times were to attend weddings of family friends. 

This was no ceremony because it was about to get bloody in less than 5min.

Her kingdom was being threatened by some elements who were also threatening this region. And this was their route. Her kingdom now had more in common with India than friends and royal colleagues. They now had enemies in common.  

One too many civilians have lost their lives. The military seems helpless to arrest the situation, considering they have lost one too many soldiers themselves. 

The real issue was that the military has been named the culprit for every murder and crime in this part of the region. With no way of proving their innocence, their reputation was in tatters.

Hence, her father’s friend who was one of the generals in charge of this region had asked for her help in resolving the matter. He had handed his duties to her until the reputation of the military was sparkling clean and they drove back their common enemy. 

Emira squatted as she scoped the desert soil and it sift through her fingers, as though she was trying to feel the pulse of the land and decode its secrets. 
She could feel the intruders getting closer.  She locked her fingers and with her palm still open upward she spoke to the sand left in her hand, “Oh, you earth of this region, hear the word of the Living God, rebel against the rebellion working against the peace of God in this land, in the name of Jesus Christ”

Then, like Moses did with one of the plagues of Egypt, she threw the sand towards heaven. 

She did a last minute check on her secret camera and weapons, then adjusted her hood.

Since she had agreed to this mission, she had also studied the surrounding factors and key players in the situation, as she flew from her base to her father’s kingdom and then to India. 

Emira cracked a wry smile as she was certain by her instinct that her father and his friend had planned to send her here, not because the threat wasn’t serious or she couldn’t handle it, but because they have found a man they thought was a perfect match for.

She suspected he would be her new second in command.  We would see. She thought, as she fired a shot at an intruder creeping on an unsuspecting soldier with a wicked-looking knife. The moments before we touch #16 Difficult days

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 Hello, Wonderfully made! I hope we are staying safe and healthy.

From the topic, some of us may already guess what this is about. But just in case you don’t, I will brief you.

Jada Smith suggested that she got “entangled” with another man while she was on a marriage hiatus.

She said this to her husband on her show, where it’s just two people at a table. This time it was her husband and her.

Very interesting.

I don’t like to talk about people especially when they have done what’s wrong — in my view.

However, I want to address the issues surrounding this saga and there are many angles to this story.

In this post, I want to talk about the other man. 

It seems it was the other man who first mentioned the entanglement.

He talked about how it affected him and it turns out he’s releasing a song titled “Entanglement”.

I think he feels rejected. Or dumped. And perhaps used. Whichever it was, I’m sure it doesn’t feel good.

I have yet to watch the interview, August (one of his names) gave. The little I have heard especially from Jada, turned my stomach. As I type this I feel slightly nauseous.

I think he should have expected this though, but for reasons, best known to him and Jada, he’s traumatised by the entanglement. Coupled with the fact that he was going through some issues that may need a psychologist to fix. Apparently, he and she chose to handle it in-house since rumour has it he’s somewhat a family friend. They got closer and the rest is still unfolding.

Again I believe part of what ails the man is The sting of rejection. 

Apparently, he assumed they would become a couple. That, or he later realised he had become too emotionally attached to her and whatever did happen between them, that he is now suffering withdrawal syndrome or is it symptoms?

Either or, he’s so pained or miffed about it, that could no longer keep it to himself: that something happened between him and a married woman during her marital break time. 

To all and sundry, let’s take these lessons:

  • Do not get entangled — at all. If you do, you will feel trapped. Actually, you will be trapped. So if you cherish your freedom, anything that isn’t clear and concise, just steer clear. 
  • Steer clear of a romantic interest who is married! Really, you can’t win. Rather, it will do you in. You will be sucked into all their issues that extends to their children and spouse. Besides, karma is not extinct. Do to others what you want to be done to you and this warning wouldn’t be necessary. 
  • Respect other people’s feelings and relationships. I’m talking of those “they” are in relationships with or married to and the children.
  • Respect yourself. If you have a proper value structure. There are troubles that you skip by because you refuse to demean yourself in any way.
  • Seek help in the appropriate places from trained professionals. It is way too easy to become infatuated to the person who is trying to help you. And next thing you know, you have built a castle or city in the sky featuring that person as your partner. By the time you realise they either see you as a sibling or their child, you are already emotionally entangled, if not mentally also. A professional knows how to assist you, without leaving you worse than they met you. 
  • Maintain emotional distance. You don’t want to get entangled? Don’t get emotionally involved. This pandemic has reinforced some traditions that kept people from starting something they should not have began, to start with. There are cultures that had what I will call gender segregation. Women had their quarters, so did men. They only mixed in supervised circumstances. Even at social gatherings, women sat on one side while men sat at the other. In such arrangements, temptations are minimal with little or no opportunity to yield. Keep physical and emotional distance from the opposite gender, that isn’t in your nuclear family.

The ripple effect of this entanglement saga is far-reaching. Like an octopus with many tentacles.

I will be back to post my perspective on the other angles.

Stay safe, stay healthy in your body, soul and spirit.

Shalom! 2. City in the Sky, 5. The Sting of Rejection

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I once…no, twice wrote, about courage. I mentioned that courage in some aspects may not, and usually does not translate to courage in all aspects.

I know how that feels. I have never in public spoken against any injustice that has translated to violence from the unjust. I suppose that’s what they are doing: Psychological warfare. If they can use a few as an example of how cruel and brutal they are, then people will shut up out of fear of being next.

Unfortunately, there will always be a next, as long as people are too trapped in fear to speak against injustices, violence, assaults, and all that is attached to it.

I say:

By the authority God has given me in Christ;

I am against any kind of assault on women and children.

I am against lack of equity for all.

I am against racism — wherever it may come from.

I am against rape. Be it sexual, economical, or cultural.

I stand with truth, justice, equity, fairness, respect, morality, and security for all.

“God is my refuge and strength… therefore will I not fear…” Psalm 46

Let righteousness reign in every part of the world, in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

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To be free, my heart beats

My heart yearns

A mirage it seems

But never letting go hope

Keeps beating 

Through a heart filled with despair

Disappointment and weariness

Survival hurts

Existence stales

While the heart

Keeps praying for freedom

To live

To find expression

To love

When will I truly be free

Lord, let it be sooner

I can wait no longer

To be free

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Entrepreneurship: Why?

Hello WondeBeau People!

It’s been long since I have been here — and I know I say that all the time or at least most of the time, so please bear with me. 

Starting a business is very trendy, especially in this fast and sometimes jaw-dropping millennium we find ourselves.

If you are not starting a business, you are mostly seen and regarded as a “lazy coward” — which I must say isn’t mostly true

Starting a business is more in vogue than anything the fashion plate has to offer. Infact, owning a business is the fashion plate.  

I think the — permit me to use this word — craze for owning a business stems from the wanting to be independent, or rather the declaration of independence.

After all, if you start a business, it’s a serious and responsible thing you are doing. And people will commend your folks on how well they’ve raised you, for you to venture out on your own. Even if your folks are unsure of what you’re about but they have a pretty good idea why you are about it, they will be forced to half-heartedly acknowledge that you are indeed doing something noteworthy. But…

I must say, that’s probably the most inspiring trend that has come out of this generation. I mean you can’t really blame our parents for being sceptical.

Their child who has always been getting into one scrap or the other, with parents having to clean up after them, wondering what on earth they’ve done to deserve their ordeal. And half wondering if their past — whatever that may have been — is demanding payment from them through their carefree juvenile of a child.

Then all of a sudden, the child who probably is now a teen or young adult becomes serious — way too serious for comfort and the parents are thinking, “Here we go again!”

Here they are, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Next thing is, “I want to start this business…”

And they’re thinking, “What now. Is s/he doing drugs?

Then they find out — in most cases — that their children has indeed found his/her legal genius. There was never a time they thought their children weren’t geniuses. They simply were geniuses in the wrong.

So most of the time startups had to get support from self and maybe later from the government or NGOs that support new business ventures.

It’s trilling to say, I’m an entrepreneur. Or I’m self-employed.

What does it mean? And most importantly what does it take be an entrepreneur?

Sometimes, starting a business is an avenue to vent your spleen, to release your pent up emotions or to release something that had been suppressed. To show those who think you are nobody, that you will be somebody.

I think that’s a fantastic productive way of fighting the demons — as long as you don’t run out of steam. Or you have plans on how to continue when you run out of steam.

There’s something about starting a business that exposes your weaknesses and flaws.

You need to know how to manage yourself before you can effectively and efficiently manage a business.

Earlier I was presented a question on: How do you define self-management as a lady? (even auto correct is wondering ‘what da hey?’)

Apparently this was asked in a job interview (phenomenal).

I didn’t know how to answer that question because I wasn’t familiar with that word. 

I could have responded by saying, ‘the ability to manage yourself’ and that would have been too cheeky of me. So as I usually handled things I didn’t understand, I shelved it.

The first thing that came to mind was organisation. Being able to coordinate yourself in an organised manner in a way that enhances productivity — no matter what you might be going through and irrespective of your stress level.

Now, it would be nice if that describes me, but it doesn’t — at the moment.

I express how I feel, I don’t manage it — though I’m trying to. 

Now I suspect that if you’re been asked that question in an interview, they want to find out if you can keep your personal life personal, without allowing it spill into your work life, thereby affecting how productive you are. Never crack, or fall apart no matter what. 

In other words, self-management involves your health: Taking sick leave or being physically sluggish at work, could probably be defined by the employer as, not being able to manage your health, thereby affecting your work!

If one has family problems and becomes distracted and lethargic at work, that may be defined as: being unable to control your emotions making logic and reason difficult in the work place!

If you just had your baby (congratulations!) and you need ma/paternity leave and/or extra breaks during work to take care of yourself and your babies, then you may be termed as: being unable to separate work from family/personal matters thereby reducing productivity in the work place!

In other words, whatever keeps you from giving your 100% at work is no business of the company.

What they are asking is, can you keep working per demand irrespective of what may or may not be going on in your life?

I may be overthinking things of course, but I can’t help but think this is a trick question meant to qualify, disqualify or trap an unsuspecting applicant. By the time the would-be employee knows what this is or may be about, it would have been too late to have a say in the matter.

I mean, self-management?! Come on.

Which is probably one of the major reasons why people are overcoming their fear of starting businesses and launching into the world of entrepreneurship, head first.

The other option is becoming less and less of an option. Working for someone else is becoming more unconducive by the day. Some are fortunate to work with companies who are humane and truly care for the overall well-being of their staff, but many don’t have that fortune.

The code word for this millennium is freedom. Having your own business, seems to be the only way to gain your financial independence, while maintaining your freedom of what, when and how you compromise…..


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Courage for Today.

Hi Beautiful People.

I feel tired and overwhelmed and restless.

I feel tired of being too tired to be who I wanted to be — who I want to be.

Having plans sometimes is like setting oneself up to fail.

I mean tell me:

What do I do when I make plans and things don’t fall into place because the obstacles were much?

Well, I reverted back to prayers.

Of course, I have always prayed. But there’s praying and there’s praying.

There’s praying in your head and there’s my-heart-is-bleeding-I-can’t-take-this-anymore praying.

Praying with a bleeding heart, is like trying to burst a boil at maturity. It’s painful to touch, much less squeeze and it throbs painfully without being touched.

To leave it on it’s own is not an option, because the pain increases to the point of insomnia.

So you have to clench your teeth against the pain and burst the boil. Once you do, you feel better and relieved.

Sometimes until the pain of where we are stuck in, is greater than the pain of breaking free, we might not pursue true liberty –Paraphrased from the novel “The Last Ten Percent” by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Breaking free can be a Herculean task, but it’s not impossible.

Speaking of Herculean tasks, I recall — not that I have been able to forget — the movie “Hercules” whose lead actor is Dwayne Johnson (I think I might watch it again).

I don’t know if I have written this before, but I believe Dwayne found his true calling in acting. He may have wanted to be a sports man, but his size and skills makes him a better actor as warrior in period/medieval movies.

Back to Hercules.

There are lots of lessons to glean from the movie, but the one that relates most to this particular “muse-ticle” on the issue of pain, is best described by my latest finding on this popular quote:

What doesn’t kill you……

Had. Better. Run!!!!

If you are going through pain I recommend Hercules the movie, featuring Dwayne Johnson — I had to add that, because I don’t know if there are other movie versions.

Hercules had lost enough to kill a man, but when he found the truth about his painful past under …less than congenial circumstances, the truth set him free. And in setting himself free others also gained their freedom right along with him.

No wonder, Jesus Christ said and I quote:

Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

End quote.

A pastor recently said the word make in that scripture is deliberate and has it’s meaning to the text, but we will talk about that in other muse-letters.

Hercules was legendary for his brute strength and his long strings of victory, but he was running away from a memory.

Which brings me to another point:

To be free from a pain you must gather the courage exclusive for it, because you can’t borrow courage from another experience or victory. You need to begin courage or encourage yourself all over again. Therefore, courage is exclusive.

That’s why we see that many of us are fearless in so many aspects, yet have deep seated phobias in one or more areas of our lives. Phobias we choose to ignore, but they are there waiting — waiting to spring unpleasant surprises on us in our most vulnerable moments.

I wish courage was all encompassing. I really do, because it makes the business of living much easier.

But unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you see it, courage or encouragement does not work that. And I’m learning that the hard way.

This reminds me of the prophet Elijah — the prophet who called down fire more than once in his day. The prophet who never tasted death. Went straight to heaven alive in heavenly escort of horses and chariots of fire.

I mean, that was some serious wonderment that amazes me every time I think about it.

Yet, the same man who stopped rain and called it down when it suited him. Who escaped arrest many times just by disappearing and appearing wherever and whenever he wanted;

Ran away….. ran away, when a witch threatened him!

Some say God had to call him home earlier than planned, because he allowed himself to be frightened by something less than what he had crushed in the past.

The explanation I have for that is: his courage failed him or he lost courage.

This leads me to believe that courage is food we need to injest daily, to be able to withstand unforseen threats that may distabilize us.

Courage is food we need to learn how to feed ourselves with i.e personal encouragement.

We can’t leave our encouragement in the hands of others. Because it’s not always, we can have someone around us to encourage us. Like Dwayne Johnson’s character in Hercules had.

When we depend on yesterday’s meal to sustain us, we would soon faint.

The same applies to courage.


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101 Posts on WordPress

Hello Beautiful People!

How’s life?

When I saw in my notification box that I have 100 posts, I looked back at when wordpress was like an exclusive club of intelligent people and I wished I was part of them.

Well, I am now — sort of. But it’s not such a mirage anymore.

I never liked writing, but I loved to read and talk. Well, it’s actually read or talk. If I wasn’t reading, I was talking.

Now I don’t have much opportunities to talk. Because well, to talk, you actually need someone who is willing to listen.

I don’t have that, always. I understand. Everyone has their lives to live. But it doesn’t solve my need to be heard, so what to do?

Then I hardly go out. So I don’t have many opportunities to reach out to those who want to listen.

So I was stuck with entertaining myself with reading and watching fiction — sometimes non-fiction.

I felt so lonely and sometimes when I was so stressed and tired, I felt unloved.

I hear people say things like, “You need to get off social media and connect to ‘real’ people!”

Then I thought, are they saying people on social media are fake, as in ‘unreal’?

I didn’t believe that, of course. Because before social media we have heard of, met or even connected with fake people that some of us began to wonder if we or the ‘fakees’ are the aliens.

Either we were the humans in a fake planet or we were the aliens who dropped in a strange human world.

Therefore blaming the internet for the emergence of unreal people, is just ridiculous.

Another thing is, what if you have tried to connect with people physically and it didn’t work? What do you do then? You find other ways to connect with people. And the internet is the ‘place’ for that.

The internet had provided outlets for me. I have ‘met’ interesting people from different places.

And we have connected in ways I can’t even connect with my folks.

I suppose being anonymous or ‘far away’ helps you unwind, relax and open up.

I still haven’t found that person or group of people I can call my tribe, but I’m not lonely again.

Thanks mostly to God for giving me outlets to express myself in writing, fashion, reading, praying, singing and so on.

Writing is the one that surprises me the most.

I thought you simply had to love writing and be a genius to be a writer.

I have learnt that sometimes you just had to be yourself to be a writer.

You just have to be tired of silence, to be tired of hearing yourself speak, to be a writer.

If you have a journal or diary then you are a writer.

Your life is more than enough to write about — no matter how boring you think it is.

Forget about whether you can be articulate in writing.

Forget about not knowing how to put the right words together.

Forget about who would or wouldn’t like what you want to write.

If you want to write, then you must write. Period. No what ifs.

I took the courage to let my thoughts find expression, and I’m loving it.

I have lots to write about, but I’m thankful for what I can write, when I can write. It’s far better than not writing at all.

I still don’t like to write, but I love how writing makes me feel : Free, Unburdened, Unfettered, Unchain.

I think everyone should be a writer in whatever way you choose to.

This writing journey has encouraged and enboldened me to try out other things I don’t feel I can do, but I think I can do, or I want to do.

In fact, I’m at risk of adding too much to my plate of activities.

I restraining myself a bit, to focus, master and enjoy all I’m doing presently — one major endeavour at a time.

There’s no need to stress myself out.



Stay calm,

Stay rapturable.

Be blessed. Shalom.🌿🌴💚

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Sea Sick, Land Love! 

“Very well, my little cherry. If I tell you a story will you allow me to rest?” Empress Indira wearily asked her barely one year old plump and sassy princess.

The only response she got was more bouncy squeals of delight.

Indira laughed inspite herself. She was tired. Being the ruler queen of one kingdom and the queen wife of an emperor, was tasking — if one took one’s responsibilities seriously, that is.

Presently, her little one was gnawing at the emerald on her veil.

She sighed. She should have known that when BrunFreid was quiet, she was up to something.

Just as she was about to scold the little princess, her princess cousin wandered in.

Her beautiful cousin — who has spent most of her life touring the world on business — prefered the sea to land, hence her interest in any family affair that involves travelling on water. Which is why she was surprised by her cousin’s visit to her new home.

‘Greetings Brunnie, enjoying a late evening repast? Emerald? Only the best for her little highness’, Indira’s cousin teased.

‘Her name is BrunFreid, MayRose.’, Indira corrected.

‘But what sort of name is that?’

“It’s the name given her by her parents — coined from her parents’ names — when they gifted her to me to raise and to comfort me after Carlos’ death…. You already know the story.”

“Aye. But I find it hard to understand why a mother will give up her child. Especially when she’s a warrior queen with a warrior king as husband.”,  MayRose wondered as she tried to pull the emerald from Brunnie’s stubborn gums.

“I suspect it’s gratitude for helping them secure their relationship and to secure the heiress-apparent to the thrones, if her parents can’t manage to give her siblings to share the burden of kingdom leadership”, Indira mused as her daughter protested the lose of her gums’ gem, while MayRose cheered in victory.

“You are hopeless, May“, Indira chuckled.

“Since when did it become hopeless to cheer in victory?” May asked with a straight face.

“Since when the conquered is a child” Indira replied.

The cousins burst into giggles. As the conquered tried to take a stand, while her nursemaid hovered near by.

“Tell me, about your travels, May.”

“It’s being an adventure. Too much of it, I fear. For I’m sea weary at the moment. The storms — praying your ship does not fall apart.” May paused as she took a healthy drink of fruit juice.

“The good side of it is the feeling you get at sea, like you have a different world all to yourself. A sense of freedom. Then when you dock, the feeling of mingling with different kinds of people with languages and cultures different from yours”, May thought aloud.

“How is the emperor with Brun, I’ra?”

“Those two? They like each other. He likes children and she thinks he’s the best thing after her favourite fruit. She’s grins at him everytime.”

“You jest.” May said in amazement.

“Indeed not”

“Intriguing. What about you?” May queried seriously.

What about me?” Indira wondered.

“Aye You. Madame Queen. Do you like your husband?” May persisted.

“Yes.” Indira replied a bit shyly.

“Hmmm. And what do you intend to do about it?” May queried.

“Nothing really. Except take my time and let our relationship grow naturally”, Indira mused.

“So, what do you think of my brother-in-law?”, The Empress asked as she recalled how smitten the king — ruling with his emperor brother  — was of her cousin when she arrived.

“Nothing”, drawled May hesitantly as she wondered were Indira was headed with her line of questioning.

“Well, I was wondering since you are sea sick, you might consider him as someone you could start a family with”, Indira suggested.

“You don’t say, Malika”, May drawled as her eyes lightened with amused understanding.

“And what happens to him when I get land sick?”, May asked in rhetoric.

Indira didn’t know how to respond to that. She simply worried if her cousin will ever settle in love.

She looked into her cousin’s jade eyes, conveying her thoughts and her cousin looked back at her with an answering thought,

“Soon my friend. I will consider him. But like you, If it is to be, it has to be natural and I will not  be hastened.”

“Well, I found this cobbled walk-way beside the sea, I think we should all take a walk.” Princess MayRose suggest as she got up and adjusted her hooded bejewelled dress.

“Excellent. It would seem you have been spying on my husband’s lands”, Indira teased as she pulled her veil over her face in preparation to leave her palace. She had to. This was not her father’s kingdom where it was forbidden to look at the women of the royal family. Here the high ranking officers could look, and she did not like the way some of them gawked at her. Hence, the veil.

“I was touring, not spying. There is a distinct difference, I believe”, May replied as she walked with her cousin while the Empress entourage preceded and followed in orderly procession.

A clash of steel sounded ahead as spears were crossed to stop an orderly from moving any further towards the procession.

Her head maid approached, bowed and said, “A message from His Highness, my Queen.”

“Tell the orderly to approach and tell me the message”,  Empress Indira ordered.

“My Queen, His Highness requests your presence at the cobbled walkway beside the sea, if you desire to see the shipment you requested as they are unloaded”, the orderly said with head bowed.

“Is my lord Emperor there?” Indira asked.

“Yes indeed, your Highness”, replied the orderly.

“Very well. Tell my lord, I’m on my way there, and I would very much like to see the cargo.” replied the Empress.

“Yes, your Highness” the orderly said as he ran towards his horse and rode off.

“Perfect timing, I must say, cousin.” May said.

“Indeed, May” Indira replied with a bit of excitement.

Because she was adamant to walk on her own feet, it took a bit of time to get there.

It looked quite foggy over the endless looking sea. Walking on the cobblestone felt like she was walking on a ship. Another thinking spot, Indira thought.

Or meeting spot, as she sighted her husband around the descending curve leading to the shore.

“Greetings, my fair queen” Her husband said as he smiled and greeted with a slight bow.

“Greetings, my king. Your day faired well I hope? ” Indira said with a smile.

“My day fairs much better after seeing you”, The Emperor replied as he gazed into his wife’s eyes.

MayRose gave a delicate snort of amusement, as she witnessed the interaction between her cousin and her husband.

The Emperor glanced her way, gave a slight bow and said,

“Greetings, Princess. I hope you are already enjoying your stay here?”

“I am. Thank you, your Highness. I’m honoured by your hospitality”, May replied with a slight bow of her own.

The Emperor smiled with a, “Shall we? ”

“Aye”, the cousins replied in unison and smiled at each other as they walked excitedly the surprisingly beautiful shore towards the boxed treasures of far off lands being delivered on the shore.  #writephoto