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Handmaid of God Almight, Handmade by the King of kings.

Woman... Hand-made by the King of kings 

Handmaid of the King of King

Crafted by the Creator of all.

Made a Help-meet

Called by God a help-meet

Called by the first man a woman

Like him but unlike with a beautiful difference

Designed for companionship

Formed for so much more

Unique in content

Your voice sounds soft and soothing

Your laughter like music

Your smile is like the morning sun

There’s strength even in your weakness

A rose that can grow anywhere

There’s more to you than meets the eye

Your beauty is a treasure

Only to the eye of those who behold you
Beyond the physical
No matter what you wear
Or what your background is

Your heritage is royalty
Your aura announces your presence
You are never unnoticed

Born a woman by a woman
You are naturally formed
To carry and bear
What the strongest of men cannot

You may look delicate
But you have the fighting spirit
To be optimistic about life
No matter how bleak

A rose that can grow anywhere
Never doubt yourself
You are a refined
by the King of kings Himself

Never give up
You are a class on your own
No basis for comparison
You are less than no one

Handmaid of the Great I AM,
the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Happy International Women’s Day

Arise and shine

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Beauty Within

Hello Everyone!

I was reading Isaiah 53 until I halted at verse 2. Now, that doesn’t seem long, but it was talking about the Messiah, in a way I had not read before.

Verse two, halted me to a point I had to write what came to mind.

“”For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he had no form nor comeliness and when we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him

What?! Are they implying that Jesus was not handsome?!

Not only that. That verse emphasised that he was not desirable to look upon either — beauty wise.

Then I smiled wryly.

Maybe that was why women were not beating down his door for marriage.

I imagined he must have been comfortable and safe for the women — after all if I read this verse right — Jesus wasn’t a hottie.

But he had a heart of gold; prepared to die for mankind to be saved, and then demonstrated the love, that a married couple should have for each other — how a husband should love his wife and how a wife should relate to her husband — though he was never married.

Then I thought of how women will not find a man attractive because he’s not that attractive. And how women could often miss out, on being with a good man, like Jesus who may not have been beautiful, comely, attractive.

I just wonder, “How many Jesus-like men do we have, that single women are missing out on?!”

This is a sore subject for a lot of women. They miss out on the right kind of man because they are looking for the right kind of look, rather than looking at the heart of the man — his ability and willingness to love, to cherish, guide, befriend and protect.

Most times we just befriend them and make ourselves the matchmaker; deciding who is good or not good enough for him, without thinking we could be that woman.

Why befriend a man you can’t marry?

Why befriend him? Especially if you know that he wants more than friendship with you?

I know you have to pray and ask for God’s direction, but make sure, that you are not throwing away something good because he does not look hot enough.

We usually can sense a good man when we see him. Make your choice! Do not play with a man’s feelings.

And don’t stand in the way.

Don’t be the gatekeeper standing in the way, to scrutinize any woman that might be the woman, you have refused to be, for him.

Be woman enough, to make your decision and stand with it — even if and when you have to stand alone.

Stay safe, stay healthy and SHALOM 🍋

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Hello Beautiful People. How are you doing?

Religion and faith are somehow intertwined. To live a healthy lifestyle, you have to be religious about it. It’s not about what you “feel like” doing. It’s about what you need to do to be healthy and strong.

Faith is believing that your efforts will yield good fruits in the near future, even if you can’t “feel” or “see” the results.

Early morning sunshine gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D. 

I had to work most part of the night, and I “woke” up tired. But faith — I think — propelled me to drag myself, mat, radio and cover cloth to the balcony where the sun had hit at about few minutes before 8AM.

I flopped down under the warm sun trying to catch headline news, and roll around on the mat trying to have a complete sun bath.

When it starts to get hot, it’s time to head in.

Usually, I exercise under the before-8:30AM-sun. But like I said, I was tired but my faith dragged me out to “sun bath”.

I hope you try that too. Afterall, many of us aren’t rushing out to work in the mornings anymore.

I think another name for “works” is religion. Faith is what brings life into our works. 

Or what do you think?

#staysafe #stayhealthy 


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Chronicles of the Crown: The Proposal

“My Lord! I have something of importance to discuss with you”, Empress Indira said almost breathlessly, as she more or less flew into her husband’s rooms.

The emperor who was ready to explode at the reports his closest chiefs were relating to him, calmed considerably at his lovely queen’s voice.

The chiefs who had been fidgeting before, gave a collective but discreet sigh of relief.

 For one, the tense secret meeting was becoming almost unbearable. The emperor was upset — and rightly so. The news wasn’t good news. And they sure weren’t happy about the news, not to mention having the unenviable job of relating it to his Highness. The queen bursting in, was life saving indeed — even if that was out of character.

For two, no matter what the naysayers had to say, Queen Indira was the best thing to happen to the Emperor — and the empire — as far as they were concerned. 

She had a positive influence on the empire and a pleasant effect on the Emperor. Of course the naysayers wouldn’t like her. They had little excuse to overthrow the man. She had done a lot to endear the people to their king.

“You may be excused”, the emperor said to his chiefs, with a slight trace of amusement at his queen’s unusual entrance. 

He can imagine how their daughter will be like — when his queen will allow him to be that close to her for a daughter to be born — fierce and unpredictable, among other things.

He should be concerned because his Indira was usually calm and hardly ruffled. That she bursted into his rooms — of all places — gave him secret delight. That she almost shouted was quite interesting indeed. That she came to him with her concerns, made him feel capable and strong. After all she had been a queen managing her own kingdom before he married her.

The chiefs bowed slightly to him, and gave his queen a respectful bow on their way out, which she returned with an equally respectful nod. 

He looked at her closely. She was unveiled! Her hair was mostly covered, but she always covered her face anytime she was in public. Interesting. 

Not that he blamed her. Some of the men in the kingdom had been openly gawking at her, when she arrived as his new queen few moons back. When he had asked why she began veiling herself, she had told him she didn’t like how some of the men looked at her. Well, he didn’t either, but he would never have veiled her. He would have found a way, to handle the situation. She insisted she wanted to veil herself and he respected her wish.

She was wearing a lovely green dress, white linen veil trimmed with golden thread and yellow stones.

And he liked green.

“Have a sit, my Sweet. While you tell me who dared to trouble my queen”, he said as he guided her to a white and gold couch that could easily sit four people.

She smiled. He had always had a way of making her smile or laugh. As he sat at the other end of the couch in his white and gold apparel, he looked very angelic, which further relaxed her as she told him about her estranged cousin’s trouble.

“Please my Lord. Help me find him and extend a hand of friendship to him”, she concluded.

“There’s more, isn’t there?”

She was a bit surprised at his intuition.

“Well yes, it’s a suggestion and a favour I want to ask of you”

“I’m listening”

“Could you please have him wed your sister? I know it might be too much of me to ask. And I don’t want it to seem like I’m taking your generosity for granted, my lord. But my brother needs someone to care and look out for. A good reason to settle and make good use of his talents. He a very good man, a seasoned warrior, loyal, well educated, honest and honourable. You remind me of him, because you two have so much in common. I can vouch for him. He will treat your sister well. Not just because of who she is, but because he has the qualities of a great husband. Your sister will grow and blossom with his care. Your sister needs someone who is gentle, loving and strong. Someone strong enough to protect her, and what is hers, but will not bully her, or abuse the privileges. That someone — if I may be so bold, your Highness — is my brother.”

As she concluded she held her breathe praying he would agree. 

She had come to love her sister-in-law as if she were one of her own sisters. She was gentle, humble, bubbly and delicate. She couldn’t bear for her to be passed as a gift to one of the generals for meritorious service, when in actual fact most of them were too interested in the throne. 

Her gentle sister-in-law will be devastated should she be married to someone whose only interest was her brother’s throne. 

It was indeed urgent to divert his Highness to a more suitable person, who wasn’t covetous — before it was too late.

Her brother-cousin and sister-in-law will make a great pair. Yahweh, please please let my husband agree to this match. The vultures are circling, Father. Especially that aunt of his with her horrid scheming. She wants her son, LORD — her son! To succeed the throne! She’s planning for her son to marry the princess. Hmmph. I wouldn’t be doing this if her son wasn’t cruel and as over ambitious as his mother. Please God help! 

“Fine. Consider it done.”

Indira sucked in her breathe in shock.

 What!! Just like that?!

 Thank you Yahweh! Thank You!

My Lord? Thank you, thank you! I am most grateful.”

She goshed as she grabbed his hand with both of hers, in gratitude.

“There’s something I will like you to do for me, my queen”

“What, my Lord?”

He held her eyes with his, as he kissed her hand.

“Please from now on, call me by my name, Indira”.

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Something New, Something Different…

I just learnt that ‘wrinkle’ means more than just a ruffled surface or appearance of a person, thing, or situation. It also means a resourceful way of doing something. 🤦

Hello again and happy Friday everyone!🎊 Today might be a day to unwind with popcorn, a novel/movie. Or it might be a day to catch up with family, friends and house chores. Whatever the case may be, try to relax, unwind and have godly fun. Yeah, it possible to have fun and not sin.

I thought I might take this opportunity to mention a few things about skin care that prevents or postpones wrinkles.

Wrinkles makes most people concerned, because as long as there are no wrinkles, most of us feel young — no matter how old we are.

Many won’t bother to give their skin extra attention if not for the fear 😱 of having wrinkles.

A lot of us desire to be forever young, so we load up on nutritional supplements, soaps, creams, spa treatments and so on. resently launched their anti-aging natural skin care kit that men and women can use. I fully intend to try it out myself. It’s called ‘Infinite’.

But if you are like me that likes to keep things simple in between intensive special treatments, here are a few reminders of how to postpone or even prevent wrinkles:

  • Avoid squinting. The skin around the eyes are said to be delicate, with little elasticity. Either wear a head cover with a brim or invest in eye/sun glasses that enhances your facial structure.
  • Avoid touching the skin around your eyes except to gently clean the area. Any other touching should be gentle dabbing.
  • Eat anti-aging rich diet and drink lots of water. Eat vegan, especially greens, at least once a day.
  • Use natural or organic skin care ingredients on your skin.
  • Do exercise that increases metabolism and induces you to sweat more. 
  • Enjoy early morning sunshine.
  • Use on a regular basis, natural skin tightening ingredients, like rice water, yogurt, tomatoes, etc.
  • Avoid frowning and facial expressions, except smiling. The Asians hardly show their emotions on their faces and look how ageless they always appear.
  • Massage your skin rather than scrubbing it.
  • Learn more about natural Asian beauty routines and apply them.
  • Have a healthy sleep routine. It’s fine to sleep less than five hours or no sleep at all, for some days. Make sure you make up for those sleepless nights and don’t make it a habit. Eight hours sleep beginning from hours before midnight is highly recommended for general health and well-being.
  • Exfoliating your skin two or three times a week is also essential. I read you could use oatmeal, coffee grounds and baking soda — not powder — to remove dead skin cells from your skin.