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BFF Drama

It’s was a side pool greet and catch up for family and mostly friends of the about-to-wed couple.

Most were chatting with someone animately while some were trying to de-stress from flying to the wedding destination before the wedding itself.

“So how is your collection coming? And you are looking hot, by the way,” Brie enthused to Sapphire, who was dancing in her seat while sipping Ginger ale, at the table for three with only just two of them at the moment.

“Thank you, Brie. and you are glowing yourself” Brie smiled at that.

“I have placed the collection on hold until after our dear friends’ wedding.” She sipped a bit more of her drink. “I try not to put too much on my plate, you understand. Besides that, I need a break so I am vacationing right about now.” She sighed deeply as she leaned back in her chair. Apparently, a bit spent, after bouncing and dancing in her chair.

“I feel you, Girl. No wonder you are looking so good” Brie raised her drink to salute Sapphire who returned the favour.

“You know what they say, if we don’t take care of ourselves ____

_____who will?” Brie finished as they both laughed.

“I might add that to my to-do-list”

“See that you do, Girl.” Sapphire joked


Brie suddenly turned with a relieved smile on her face, “Isn’t that Claire?”

Sapphire followed Brie’s eyes as squealed, “Well bless your heart. It is Claire!”

“Hey Girl! Come over here!” Sapphire waved at Claire and bounced with excitement as Brie grinned broadly at a nervous Claire who relaxed a bit at the two women’s warm welcome.

However, silence had fallen at the poolside. A stunned silence laced with disapproval.

Sapphire sensed it but ignored it as she got up, hugged and swayed Claire. She held her at arm’s length with a sheen of tears in her eyes. “Sister of the Bride, what took you so long. I have missed you!”

“And I you, Safie” with a subdued voice Claire answered with a grateful smile on her face.

“Move over, ‘Safie‘. You aren’t the only one who has missed her,” Brie declared in mock annoyance, as she embraced Claire. “Doesn’t she look great?”

“Yes, she does.” Sapphire replied emphatically, “Come on sit, sit”

Claire had barely sat, when Lisa hissed, “What is she doing here?”

Claire stiffened.

Brie groaned.

Sapphire took a quick intake of breath and swivelled, “And what is that supposed to mean, Lisa?”

Well, after what she has done. I wouldn’t show up here.” Lisa spat as if she had suddenly tasted something bitter.

“Well thank the good Lord, Claire is not you. And in case you have forgotten, she’s sister to the Bride. So she has more rights to be here than most of us” Sapphire fired back.

Claire tried to pacify Sapphire, “It’s okay, Safie. Calm____”

“No Claire. The atmosphere has been so tensed that I literally had to bounce it off. Let’s settle this once and for all!” Sapphire retied her sarong ready to do battle.”Why are you behaving as if you have never made a mistake before?”

“You can hardly call sleeping with your friend who also happens to be a friend’s boyfriend, a mistake.” Lisa rejoined with venom.

“Are you sure that’s all there is to your tirade, or you’re upset because you couldn’t get the attention of the guy in question!” The wedding party gasped and gaped.

Lisa jumped up, “How dare you, Sapphire?!”

“How dare me? I’m not the one who sounds bananas and bitter! Rehearsing an issue that the friend who was hurt has moved on from. Apparently, you were too busy being bananas about the issue that you forgot you are here for a wedding rehearsal.”

“That makes for some Bitter Bananas” Brie nodded like she just gave the insight of the century. Claire shot her a scolding look to stop adding fuel, while Brie shrugged a silent what, back at Claire.

“Why are you defending her?” Another acquaintance put in.

“Because she’s my friend? Because she’s sorry and has apologized? Because I am not without sin? What do you guys want from her anyway? Her death on the cross?”

“We used to be so close. All of us. But she torpedoed our BFF!” Another Lisa supporter put in.

“Oh yeah sure. BFF Hahn? Bucket Filling Friends you mean? It’s all about belonging with a group to fill a bucket with activities. Not really deeply caring about the people you call friends. Because if it was really Best Friends Forever, you will not fly all the way here to see a friend wed, only to turn around and resent their sister. How can you claim you love your friend but you can’t even be polite to their sister. Again how bananas is that? You need to see a therapist pronto. Because your type of love is bitter, Lisa”

“The door is on the left side, Lisa” Sapphire called, as Lisa stormed out.

She turned on the others. “I came here to reconnect and recuperate with friends. However, since my vacation has been torpedoed….” She shot a withering look at the one who mentioned the word earlier, “Then let me state it here and now. Anyone who as much as looks at Claire wrong will have to deal with me. I hope that is clear enough.” She looked around at those at the pool. “And yeah. Feel free to inform the others when they arrive. That being said, One love and peace, y’all.” At that, she sat, hailed the waiter, ordered lemonade for herself and asked the waiter to take Claire and Brie’s order too.

As Brie and Claire chatted. Sapphire’s mind was churning. The bride and I need to talk about her sister. This nonsense is got to stop.

Writing Prompts: BFF – Bucket Filling Friends; Bitter Bananas.

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The Mission 

Emira was excited.

Her mission was about to begin. There was no better way to introduce herself as the new boss of the  military of this region. 

She had come at this time based on classified information, of another invasion and she was here to prevent more borderline soldiers from being killed like they were sitting ducks. 

If her new colleagues didn’t recognize her as one of them — and she seriously doubts they would — then they would have failed their first test. Which means they would be sent to her special training, which they seriously need. 

This was her 3rd time on Indian soil. The previous times were to attend weddings of family friends. 

This was no ceremony because it was about to get bloody in less than 5min.

Her kingdom was being threatened by some elements who were also threatening this region. And this was their route. Her kingdom now had more in common with India than friends and royal colleagues. They now had enemies in common.  

One too many civilians have lost their lives. The military seems helpless to arrest the situation, considering they have lost one too many soldiers themselves. 

The real issue was that the military has been named the culprit for every murder and crime in this part of the region. With no way of proving their innocence, their reputation was in tatters.

Hence, her father’s friend who was one of the generals in charge of this region had asked for her help in resolving the matter. He had handed his duties to her until the reputation of the military was sparkling clean and they drove back their common enemy. 

Emira squatted as she scoped the desert soil and it sift through her fingers, as though she was trying to feel the pulse of the land and decode its secrets. 
She could feel the intruders getting closer.  She locked her fingers and with her palm still open upward she spoke to the sand left in her hand, “Oh, you earth of this region, hear the word of the Living God, rebel against the rebellion working against the peace of God in this land, in the name of Jesus Christ”

Then, like Moses did with one of the plagues of Egypt, she threw the sand towards heaven. 

She did a last minute check on her secret camera and weapons, then adjusted her hood.

Since she had agreed to this mission, she had also studied the surrounding factors and key players in the situation, as she flew from her base to her father’s kingdom and then to India. 

Emira cracked a wry smile as she was certain by her instinct that her father and his friend had planned to send her here, not because the threat wasn’t serious or she couldn’t handle it, but because they have found a man they thought was a perfect match for.

She suspected he would be her new second in command.  We would see. She thought, as she fired a shot at an intruder creeping on an unsuspecting soldier with a wicked-looking knife. The moments before we touch #16 Difficult days

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When You Find Yourself Alone…

What do you do when you find yourself alone? It’s no fun and I can tell you that for free (you can thank me later– or not *smiles*).

It’s not a big deal to be alone. It’s when you notice it, that it becomes an issue. 

It’s worse when you find yourself alone. Because then it’s sudden. It’s like one moment, you had company, next thing you know, you have no company. One moment you relished being alone, the next you wished you had company. And that wish lingers longer stirring in you a yearning you never thought you would feel since you gained your independence or whatever was your be-it-all. 

You find yourself, in a “place” were, being alone is fast becoming less appealing.

These could bring about despair and all sort of negative thoughts/feelings of unworthiness: as issues and insecurities you thought long dead, seems to come alive — in the pit of your stomach.

“What is wrong with me?” You may ask. Well, plenty. 

I’m sorry! But something is indeed wrong with you, for actually thinking something is wrong with you.

Usually, this awareness happens when we want to share a moment or day with someone and we find that those we have around us, are otherwise occupied, simply absent or not exclusive to us.

Often times it becomes awkward for us, when we are at weddings, family gatherings, friends hang out(or in), and we seem to be the one of the few unattached person in the mix…. No matter how non chalant you want to be, it will still be….awkward, because it’s hard to act indifferent with people who really know you. Before you know it, you find yourself avoiding events and gatherings with people who know you too well.

When loneliness hits the hardest or you are painfully aware you are alone, is when you get home and it’s no longer as warm and welcoming as it used to be. Instead of you feeling at home, you feel like you just walked into an empty shelter, that leaves you feeling emotionally discontent and vulnerably.

At that point, you know it’s your need for companionship that can no longer be ignored. 

However, finding a companion takes a lot of thoughtful resolutions and commitments. So while you work out the details to having a companion for keeps, there are few things to do that will help you prepare:

…you have much to give which is why you feel lonely…

  • Begin a humanitarian journey. Which of the societal ills or needs are you most passionate about?  That’s your niche. Find a reputable Foundation or NGO to assist and work with. There’s always an NGO for whatever you feel needs to change for the better.But if you can’t find one around, start one. However, reputable NGOs welcome enthusiastically, any one willing to volunteer. Trust me. 
  • Hobbies, New or Old

There’s something very therapeutic when you’re into any form of art or vocation.

Your creative side comes alive and sparks life into areas of your being that promotes wholesome and oneness.

Arts and vocation just has a way of putting you together. You feel found and alive. It encourages you to be purposeful. It promotes emotional stability, because you find that arts helps filter your emotions, sieving through your emotions soothingly as the negative is separated from the positive, as opposed to the jumbled  mess you where before emotionally.

It builds the desire to have a more organised and settled lifestyle, both internally and externally.

In the culture I was born into, we are encouraged to learn a trade, a craft, handiwork or vocation — no matter what we desire to have as a career.

The believe was one day you will retire and it’s the trade, craft or vocation you have learnt, that would sustain you when the job is over.

A career is seen as non replicable at a small scale, but a vocation can be practiced with little, or no capital.

Although, some school of thought will argue that, it’s best to pursue a career path you can start on your own, people aren’t really listening.

However the focus here is internal self help. You want to be settled and not feel achingly alone.

Join a reputable club for what you like. 

What did you enjoy doing as a child?

Do you still do them, and why?

It’s time to reconnect with your childhood. What were those hobbies that made childhood exciting and memorable? It might be the missing link in your life’s puzzle. Or a reaffirmation of something.


Sometimes, being more vested in physical, material, career and social media even drains our spirit, leaving an emptiness behind.

Our spirit and soul is what feeds the physical. If you spend more time investing in physical things, you may soon end up bankrupt in other areas of your life.

Wholesness is important to living a healthy lifestyle. All round health is key to enjoying and experiencing life to the fullest.

Meditating on God’s word helps you more than thinking about the next big idea.

Spending quality time with God refills, refuels, renews and energises you to be better….

We will talk more on this some other time. Until then, work on being closer to God.


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Unexpected Turns

Hello wonderfully-made! It’s an honour to be in your reading pleasure.
I found myself smiling to myself remembering a movie scene:

J: “Is there anywhere on this list that says, marry a man that isn’t your fiancé?!”

One of the girls just waking from a hang over, squinted her eyes to better see the said list shoved in her face, replied with a calm and barely concealed amusement, that I and the character found annoying:

 “I don’t see anything like that here”

I was about scolding the wild friends for allowing a bachelorette party end, with the bride-to-be waking up in the suite of a stranger, she had drunkingly married the night before. (Taking a deep breathe)

How wild is that?

But my mind companion, reminded me that it ended well for her good. She met an amazing man she would have missed out on, or not have met ordinarily.

The movie title is “I Married Who?”

That was one unexpected turn, because the bride had a plan, had a list of what she would do and how.

By the way, I don’t recommend taking alcohol. People have found themselves in irreversible and damaging situations because of alcohol. Avoid it like a plague, please, because it is.

However, there are certain things that are beyond our control, that could affect us positively or negatively.

So if you are reading this, and you don’t like surprises or unplanned changes intruding in your space and imposing on your plans, you need Jesus more than anyone else. 


Well, because: 

  1. Jesus Christ is the only guarantee you have for everything working together for your good.
  2. You can’t control and predict everything.
  3. Unexpected turns are part of life and living. And that is totally out of your control.
  4. Jesus Christ is an anchor especially when nothing else makes sense. And is there a day that everything ever makes sense? Non!

What holds me and keeps me sane when things fell apart, is that Jehovah through Jesus Christ holds my future.

That and the truth that Jehovah is more powerful than any situation, circumstance or happenings.

He knew they could or would happen. Nothing catches God by surprise. Jehovah is all knowing, all seeing, Almighty, all sufficient.

Aaand nothing is out of His control.

I think it makes sense to form an alliance with Someone Who can do all things, so I can get some things done! I mean isn’t that what world leaders do among themselves?

“I don’t have this but you have it and I need it. Let’s form an alliance.”

Next thing you know a trade by barter arrangement is made for mutual benefits of all parties involved.

Unexpected turns are inevitable. They take you by surprise, sweeping you off your feet sometimes. But when you have Jehovah as your God, you call on Him and He will answer.

He may not answer as we expect Him, but He will answer in a way that will make you say with joy and thankfulness, “If not for that unexpected turn, I would not be in this happy state today“.

Like one of my favourite persons would say, “ It will end in praise”.

However, if you try to do life alone without Jesus Christ in your life, it’s will end in tears. That’s just the Truth.

Lord Jesus Christ come into my life. Take control of my life. I surrender everything to your control. As from this moment, I am, yours and yours alone, completely. Oh Jehovah my God as I become Yours completely, complete me, in Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.”

Read your Bible and pray everyday. For all round growth.


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My Redeemer Lives

Another year is gone

I’m still all alone 

Says a popular song


Without the family I crave

The life I prayed for

Is not what I have

Despair struggles to get in,

While I  barely can shut it out

Hope deferred,

Makes the heart weary

I’m not afraid of getting older

But I feel shame for not having

My dream fulfilled


When will my reflection show

Who I’m inside

Restlessness fuels

My movement

Feeling too weak 

To be frustrated

Feeling too tired to be tired

But my Redeemer is strong

The Lord of hosts

Is His name

And I know He’s fighting for me

To hold my peace

Is all I’m required

Even that

Seems like a chore

Heal me Oh Lord

And I shall be healed

Safe me and I shall be saved

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What do mean you are pregnant?!”, Hope was thinking, again? But she was holding back.

“Yes I am”, Trace answered with a so what tone.

Hope was taken aback. What is wrong with Trace? After all that has been said, after all she’s been through, she’s still engaging in premarital sex.

Hope took a deep breathe, “I thought you said, no swore, this won’t happen again?”

“Don’t judge me, please”

That drated word thrown around to silence truth,

“Don’t change the subject, please. Be honest with yourself”, Hope replied firmly.



via Weekend Writing Prompt #115 – Judge

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The Encounter

Sherie? Is that you?” Sheryl removed her limited edition sun glasses to be sure she wasn’t seeing things.

Sherie had been her friend and business partner. Until Sherie disappeared with her investment and Sheryl’s fiance.

That was two years ago. And she couldn’t believe she was seeing her again.

“Hello Sheryl. Long time.” Sherie looked around nervously as if seeking for an escape.

Sheryl snorted a laugh, “Yeah. Long time indeed.”

As Sherie made to dash away, Sheryl blocked her with an, “Oh no you don’t Cherie. You owe me an explanation, Mademoiselle. Or is it ‘Madam’ now?”

“Look Sheryl I don’t want trouble —”

“Really? Your actions in times past contradicts that. Where is my money?”

“I don’t have it.”


“You know what? Lawyer up, Sherie. Because you going to hear from me soon”, Sheryl said as she wore her sunglasses again.

Sheryl walked to her husband’s limousine as the suited guard opened the door for her to climb in.

“Hello Beautiful”, her husband said with a loving smile.

His smile helped calm her upset feeling a bit.

“Hello Dear”, She replied with a small smile.

“What’s wrong?” Her husband, Christian asked with concern.

“I stumbled into someone from my past who betrayed my trust”

“I’m sorry, dear”, Christian was sympathetic, as he rubbed her back to calm and comfort her.

“You know, I don’t think I will ever ask her. But what will be her excuse for robbing me?”

“There’s will never be a good enough reason or excuse for betrayal such as that. She did what she did based on who she was. That has little or nothing to do with you, Baby. So don’t take it personal.”

“Thanks Love. I’m not taking it personal. Which is why I’m suing her.”


“So what’s for dinner?” Sheryl asked her besotted husband.

“Well, that depends on you, my love. Goodness forbid I order the chefs to prepare something that isn’t your current craving.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes as her cradled her slight baby bump.

“Oh you!”, She said as they both laughed.

via Your Daily Word Prompt – Trust – June 11, 2019

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Moment of Truth

As she stood at the shore listening to the roar of the sea, drowning the turmoil in her mind, she heard her friend approach.

“I’m sorry I kissed you.” he said quietly.

“Is it true that you are in love with me?”

“Yes”, he replied quietly, but firmly.

” Why?”

“I don’t know”

She sobbed.

via Weekend Writing Prompt #96 – Seashore

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There’s Always Better

I was musing about so many things and it was about men staying or not staying being made to be women’s responsibility.

Or let me put it this way.

A woman being told or rather taught over the years, that she is responsible for how a man behaves, if he stays or not in a relationship.

This kind of thinking or mindset has made women vulnerable to a lot of terrible decisions, situations and outcomes.

A woman who thinks that keeping ‘her’ man, and a man staying in a relationship, not staying in a marriage or a man not straying, is dependent on how submissive and how well-behaved she is, how she pampers the man how much of herself she gives up. Such women are in danger of getting into a relationship with any man. Afterall, it is alleged that it’s their responsibility, what the man does or doesn’t do, so any man will do.

Then I thought about the movie I had watched recently it’s called “Raisin in the Sun”. A woman went to a store to buy apples. As she checked the apples she found the apples were bad. Then she asked,

Could you please get me better apples and I know you have better apples in your store apart from the ones you have displayed.”
And the man said something about not making the apples and all of that but he will check. As he was heading into the inner part of the store to get her better apples, another lady comes in and she asks if she could have a basket of apples from your inner store and he readily agrees.

When he came back for the previous customer he gave her what was worse than what she saw on display.

And she was like,

“Am I paying for the worms too?”

Then the attendant replied, “That’s what we have. If you don’t want it you can leave.”

She was like, “You know what? I am not buying them. There’s is a better store.”

I think the word that got me then was there is a better store.

How many times have we women picked the wrong people to be with because we did not think there was any better anywhere?

We thought if we could not find the best of what we wanted from a place — a particular place — then we can’t find good anywhere else.

Now some people would have just swallowed their dignity and bought the bad apples for bragging rights of “I got my apples from an exclusive store“.

But how does that serve you in the end if the apples are terrible, full of worms and then you paid a premium for it; when you didn’t think you could get any better anywhere else?

But this character believed she could get better and she did!

Now it was not in a store but it was like a grocery stand and the fruits there were beautiful, colourful, fresh…..

She could pick from the best. What I got from there is that there are better.

There are other stores. That is what I got from the above described.

How many women have settled because the man was high-priced with every woman’s quote and unquote ideal man? They did not have the courage to think that there was better somewhere else that — there could be better someone else; because really you could not get what you wanted from a high price store.

Let’s bring it back now to what we women do alot.

We shop for clothes, wardrobe generally speaking. So you go to that store to buy clothes. And its in one of the choicest areas at a high price store and address.

Their cheapest clothes, cost you more than 70% of your salary. The clothes are not even your taste, they don’t fit you, they don’t size you. They look so drab. So to your own eyes anyway they are ugly. You can’t believe anyone would actually buy that.

People want that dress, it is some people’s dream dress it’s just not yours. Which is why you should ask yourself why you should buy the dress, but out of pride and because we don’t want to look like we don’t have money especially when the attendants in the store are looking down their noses at you.

They are probably thinking, “Look at the way she is dressed. Does she even think she can afford a dress like this?” They are already looking down on you and you want to prove to them that, “Yes I can afford it!” So against better judgement, against wise internal council, you whip out your credit card or your atm card and you make a purchase of a dress you don’t like; with an exorbitant amount you cannot afford and then of course you feel better when the eyes of the sales attendant lights up and all of a sudden they recognise you, they see you–

And that is how a lot of women pick their husbands high-priced, famous, well known, from a great family background, costing them more than they can afford to give of themselves — cost anybody more than they should be able to give of themselves. Leaving them emotionally bankrupt for the rest of their lives, just so that they can show everyone that they can have a great catch, they can snag a great man, that everybody wants for themselves.

A lot of us where we go to stores to buy clothes When we step into a place that cost more than we can afford, for a dress that is not our taste. The sane thing to do, the sensible thing to do if we were thinking straight is to say to ourselves that, “Well I cannot afford this dress. And even if I can afford it, it’s not my style. Aaaand I don’t like how I’m being treated here.”

So you get out and find a better store. A better store where you will find amazing clothes. The kind of clothes you like, your taste. You feel like you could buy out the whole store and its would not do any major damage to your salary and you go to the store and they are probably having their spring cleaning. And you’re like I can’t believe this and you find amazing clothes your taste. You’re wondering, “For this clothes to be this cheap are they original? Are they new or second hand?”

But even before you can ask that question you can see the price tag on the cloth for you to know that this clothes are new.

You like, “O ye store. Where have you been all my life?” You know? And then you get to meet new people the environment, the ambience is just welcoming and soothing. And then you get to meet people who are picking clothes right along with you.

You are able to meet amazing people when you start a conversation and then you agree on a lot of things while you’re picking clothes and you even help others to pick the right clothes for them because they ask you.

You could have missed if you had stayed where you were not really wanted. Where someone thought without them your life was nothing and then you didn’t get enough courage to find better.

You could have missed, someone who is all of so many wonderful things, but treat you like their own life is better because you are in it. And they come with family, they come with friends that take an instant liking to you.

Treat you very well and say, “You know what? If this man does something you don’t like report him to me and I will shape him up! Look you are the best thing that happened to this man and he is much happier, much relaxed with you in his life. We can’t afford to lose you!”

They have more prestige and much more standing in the society, than who you were willing to settle with.

Why have a trophy husband when you can have the best, that the only cost you have to pay is you being you? You don’t have to exert yourself. You are appreciated for the you, that even you hardly appreciates.

If you don’t get anything out of all I have written so far, please get this:

There’s always better. Never settle.

There’s a difference between settling and contentment.

When you choose what you need above what you want, it’s contentment.

When you choose brand over quality, or you choose “popular” over your needs, then you are settling.

Hope for better and seek for the best.