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The Problem with Planning

Hiiiii! Wonderful and Beautiful people of GOD💐💐🙋🏽‍♀️ How are you doing? Happy New Year!✨🎆

It’s been so long since I last blogged. I have been more overwhelmed than busy. The thought of what I needed to do, became a heavier burden than, doing what needed to be done.

This is why I am not a fan of planning, as fantastic as it is. Planning is almost like the stretches before exercise. As far as I am concerned, if the stretches go beyond five minutes, then my exercise is done. I suppose that’s why my stomach is not table flat yet, but that is a blogging for another day.

Planning — which means getting everything in theoretical order before beginning anything practical — is mentally and psychologically tasking; which can sometimes be draining and even traumatizing.

The excitement of starting something new may gradually be replaced, with a desperate prayer for success laced with fear or just not doing anything until you have all the resources and everything else needed.

These are some of the “dark” sides of planning that I don’t hear people talk about. It can be draining and exhausting — if I haven’t said that before. Not to mention, time-consuming.

Because you are reminded of what your inabilities and limitations are. Wounds are poked at and scars juggle your memory of how you got them. You can be sure that at least one the following: fear, PTSD, mild depression, discouragement, feeling impotent or inadequate; may come knocking before you are done planning.

Happy New Year 🎆 again people.💐

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 Moving On

“I’m leaving Brad”, NiAnn said with quiet conviction.

“Praise the Lord”, Ximena declared looking like the true follower of Christ she was, howbeit a little dramatic.

Zoe rolled her eyes. “Come on Ximena. Like seriously?” 

“What”, Ximena asked the glaring NiAnn with wide eyed innocence. “Isn’t it good to praise the Lord?” 

NiAnn huffed and looked away.

“Well yes, it’s good to praise the Lord”, Zoe replied with a look on face that says I can’t believe I’m having this ridiculous argument with you. “But now isn’t the time to say it out loud!” 

Ximena was relishing her cup of herbal tea, as she peered at her fav peers with muted mischief in her sparkling cinnamon eyes. This was an answer to prayer. And she had praised God for granting her request of detoxifying her friend’s life of toxic people. And Brad was one of them. She most certainly wouldn’t mourn about it. 

She swallowed her witty comeback with her tea, so NiAnn can spill the tea on what happened. 

“So. What happened?” Zoe asked

“Freda is pregnant and Brad’s the father.” NiAnn rubbed her elbow like she normally did when she was upset.

Zoe gasped, “What? Again?”

Ximena merely raised her brows, as she kept sipping her tea. How extraordinary, she thought sarcastically. 

“I thought he promised you he was done with her?” Zoe queried.

“He changed his mind again.” NiAnn looked sad but with a new strength that says she would be okay.

Praise God. Ximena thought, as she kept observing her friend.

“I was beginning to feel like the interloper. He may have divorced Freda on paper, but I wish it didn’t take me this long to realize, he’s still married to her in his heart.”

“I’m so sorry, NiA”, a concerned Zoe tried to console her.

“That or he’s just doesn’t want to fully committ to anyone. Be it Freda, me or anyone.” NiAnn continued in quiet contemplation. 

“You were right, Ximena. I was his, but he was never mine.” 

Ximena softened, “Hey. You know I love you too much to want to be right about something like this. You just need to learn to stay away from complicated people and trying to rescue them.” 

“Perhaps you should pursue a career as a Fire Fighter. I hear the men there are hot.” Zoe winked

They laughed.

“Speaking of careers. My e-commerce website has picked up speed. I closed five very profitable deals last night!” NiAnn bounced in her seat with barely concealed excitement, a huge smile on her face and a sparkle in her hazel eyes.

Praise the Lord!“, Zoe declared in happiness for her friend’s success.

Hallelujah!” The girls chorused

Three cups click in the air in celebration as the three friends laughed. The laughter of reassurance that where life is, hope abides. #21. I was his, but he was never mine.

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Contentment can be tough. It can seem impossible. It can feel like you are accepting of where/were/what you are, which to you might be unacceptable. 

But I think contentment is seizing the world within you and making it a place of faith, comfort and strength.

It’s being in control of the world within you, even when all might be chaotic around you.

It’s being calm and at peace no matter what.

It’s knowing and taking stock of what you have, and being grateful for them as well as maximising the opportunities that are inherent in what you do have.

Honestly, I think only God can make one content.

 I have tried, oh have I tried!

 But, I can’t seem to find contentment in my thoughts and deeds. 

I find myself always saying, “only God” ,almost all the time. That’s because I’m learning and I have had to learn the hard way, that nothing — I mean nothing — we have, was not given to us by God.

Anyone trying to do without God is sleeping on a bike, so to speak. God is to human beings, what water is to fish. And fish without water…..well need I say more?

I’m someone who likes to DIY. I cherish independence. And when someone like me finds herself in  confined circumstances, well, that could drive anyone crazy.

In all this, finding our Source is key. And if we understand that we are spirits with souls living in bodies, we will ultimately trace our roots to the Almighty God who is a Spirit.

 If we keep our focus on our Creator Who molded us, and therefore knows us better, than we would ever know ourselves, then we would live settled lives even when nothing is settled; because we are connected to our God and Creator Who is never ruffled or caught by surprise. Amen?

Amen. Shalom.

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The Encounter

Sherie? Is that you?” Sheryl removed her limited edition sun glasses to be sure she wasn’t seeing things.

Sherie had been her friend and business partner. Until Sherie disappeared with her investment and Sheryl’s fiance.

That was two years ago. And she couldn’t believe she was seeing her again.

“Hello Sheryl. Long time.” Sherie looked around nervously as if seeking for an escape.

Sheryl snorted a laugh, “Yeah. Long time indeed.”

As Sherie made to dash away, Sheryl blocked her with an, “Oh no you don’t Cherie. You owe me an explanation, Mademoiselle. Or is it ‘Madam’ now?”

“Look Sheryl I don’t want trouble —”

“Really? Your actions in times past contradicts that. Where is my money?”

“I don’t have it.”


“You know what? Lawyer up, Sherie. Because you going to hear from me soon”, Sheryl said as she wore her sunglasses again.

Sheryl walked to her husband’s limousine as the suited guard opened the door for her to climb in.

“Hello Beautiful”, her husband said with a loving smile.

His smile helped calm her upset feeling a bit.

“Hello Dear”, She replied with a small smile.

“What’s wrong?” Her husband, Christian asked with concern.

“I stumbled into someone from my past who betrayed my trust”

“I’m sorry, dear”, Christian was sympathetic, as he rubbed her back to calm and comfort her.

“You know, I don’t think I will ever ask her. But what will be her excuse for robbing me?”

“There’s will never be a good enough reason or excuse for betrayal such as that. She did what she did based on who she was. That has little or nothing to do with you, Baby. So don’t take it personal.”

“Thanks Love. I’m not taking it personal. Which is why I’m suing her.”


“So what’s for dinner?” Sheryl asked her besotted husband.

“Well, that depends on you, my love. Goodness forbid I order the chefs to prepare something that isn’t your current craving.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes as her cradled her slight baby bump.

“Oh you!”, She said as they both laughed.

via Your Daily Word Prompt – Trust – June 11, 2019

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Wake Up!

I think about life and I wonder, what does it take to wake up? Not just every morning but in dormant areas of our lives?

It takes a need or desire to do something, to wake up each morning. Well, not wake up, but get out of bed. 
Now that I think of it, breathing and being conscious is different from waking up — being alive to your responsibility.

Dormant areas that the storms of life, the busyness of life or both have kept…well, dormant.

I can’t not relate ‘dormant‘ with ‘doormat‘. They sound too alike to ignore.

Some things in our lives may be dormant because they have be doormatted. Of course for something to be either or both, they must have thrived once upon a time. They must have been visible and found expression at one point in time.

Then something — a series or sequence of events, happened and what once were, are left forgotten as a dream.
Those events are usually circumstances beyond our control, mostly unforseen and therefore unplanned for….(and no. It is not only pregnancies that are unplanned for, dear typeboard prediction! You can’t imagine the words ‘prediction on’ gives you while ‘helping’ you guess your next word and how wrong they are sometimes!)

It could be sickness for you or a loved one. Someone once said most citizens of her country, are one disease away from poverty. But really, aren’t most people, globally? I mean, who sets out to buy huge health insurance plans? Not that they won’t buy health insurance but, it won’t be enormous like other insurance plans — and that is in a community or clime that values insurance.

Even so, poverty goes beyond lack of material possession or money. Any area one is lacking, one is poor. And if one is poor in one area, it will affect one’s overall performance or productivity.

Some say, one can’t have it all…at once, anyway. But a lack in any area can be a deficit to other areas of life, if that area remains unproductive.

So what does it take to wake up?

Reflect – on what used to get you so excited you couldn’t wait for the next day. Infact you had to force yourself to fall asleep, such was the height of your excitement.

 Because your mind was always brimming with ideas to try out or work on. 

Sometimes you worked all night binging on caffeine or any natural method to keep you awake. You were in and out of libraries and the internet doing research. You probably even signed up for a course to understand your project better. Life was beautiful then, wasn’t it? Remember what made life beautiful for you that you were willing to burn your candles at both ends. You worked so hard yet you were happy to do it. What was the goal, the hope and the motivation? Let’s remember.

    • What Changed? 

    Why does it seem like all the good times are in the past? It must be a painful place to go back to, but if we are stuck in motion or it seems like we have been working too hard…on one spot, then we need to do a conference with ourselves with the following sitting at the table: the past, our dreams, the present, the future, our spirit, soul, body, and Jehovah.

    We must revisit what changed, who changed, how did things change, when exactly did the change that changed everything begin and how those changes have affected you.
    Let’s be honest with ourselves. We must stop avoiding the truth using excuses — even though there are excuses, in most cases, legitimate — they blur our vision, like some pain killers until the medication wears out and they can be addictive. 

    We must learn to be honest with ourselves and look closely at where we have allowed things to fall apart in our lives. Like a popular jingle: it begins with you! 

    What part did we play in the loss we suffered? The opportunities we lost? The uncompleted projects? The health challenges? The ‘vultures’ we allowed into our lives?

    Yes, it seems unfair and it is in so many ways that you did all you could to block all the openings that the flood of life could come in to sweep your dreams and joys away, yet here you are….were you are too heartbroken to look at what your life used to be, because the flood did come in from unexpected quarters to sweep away what life meant to you. All you seem to be doing now is surviving , trying not to drown. But you can do better than that! 

    Before the next part of this series is posted, please work on this and let me know how you are faring or what you think, in the comment. 

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    Entrepreneurship: Why?

    Hello WondeBeau People!

    It’s been long since I have been here — and I know I say that all the time or at least most of the time, so please bear with me. 

    Starting a business is very trendy, especially in this fast and sometimes jaw-dropping millennium we find ourselves.

    If you are not starting a business, you are mostly seen and regarded as a “lazy coward” — which I must say isn’t mostly true

    Starting a business is more in vogue than anything the fashion plate has to offer. Infact, owning a business is the fashion plate.  

    I think the — permit me to use this word — craze for owning a business stems from the wanting to be independent, or rather the declaration of independence.

    After all, if you start a business, it’s a serious and responsible thing you are doing. And people will commend your folks on how well they’ve raised you, for you to venture out on your own. Even if your folks are unsure of what you’re about but they have a pretty good idea why you are about it, they will be forced to half-heartedly acknowledge that you are indeed doing something noteworthy. But…

    I must say, that’s probably the most inspiring trend that has come out of this generation. I mean you can’t really blame our parents for being sceptical.

    Their child who has always been getting into one scrap or the other, with parents having to clean up after them, wondering what on earth they’ve done to deserve their ordeal. And half wondering if their past — whatever that may have been — is demanding payment from them through their carefree juvenile of a child.

    Then all of a sudden, the child who probably is now a teen or young adult becomes serious — way too serious for comfort and the parents are thinking, “Here we go again!”

    Here they are, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Next thing is, “I want to start this business…”

    And they’re thinking, “What now. Is s/he doing drugs?

    Then they find out — in most cases — that their children has indeed found his/her legal genius. There was never a time they thought their children weren’t geniuses. They simply were geniuses in the wrong.

    So most of the time startups had to get support from self and maybe later from the government or NGOs that support new business ventures.

    It’s trilling to say, I’m an entrepreneur. Or I’m self-employed.

    What does it mean? And most importantly what does it take be an entrepreneur?

    Sometimes, starting a business is an avenue to vent your spleen, to release your pent up emotions or to release something that had been suppressed. To show those who think you are nobody, that you will be somebody.

    I think that’s a fantastic productive way of fighting the demons — as long as you don’t run out of steam. Or you have plans on how to continue when you run out of steam.

    There’s something about starting a business that exposes your weaknesses and flaws.

    You need to know how to manage yourself before you can effectively and efficiently manage a business.

    Earlier I was presented a question on: How do you define self-management as a lady? (even auto correct is wondering ‘what da hey?’)

    Apparently this was asked in a job interview (phenomenal).

    I didn’t know how to answer that question because I wasn’t familiar with that word. 

    I could have responded by saying, ‘the ability to manage yourself’ and that would have been too cheeky of me. So as I usually handled things I didn’t understand, I shelved it.

    The first thing that came to mind was organisation. Being able to coordinate yourself in an organised manner in a way that enhances productivity — no matter what you might be going through and irrespective of your stress level.

    Now, it would be nice if that describes me, but it doesn’t — at the moment.

    I express how I feel, I don’t manage it — though I’m trying to. 

    Now I suspect that if you’re been asked that question in an interview, they want to find out if you can keep your personal life personal, without allowing it spill into your work life, thereby affecting how productive you are. Never crack, or fall apart no matter what. 

    In other words, self-management involves your health: Taking sick leave or being physically sluggish at work, could probably be defined by the employer as, not being able to manage your health, thereby affecting your work!

    If one has family problems and becomes distracted and lethargic at work, that may be defined as: being unable to control your emotions making logic and reason difficult in the work place!

    If you just had your baby (congratulations!) and you need ma/paternity leave and/or extra breaks during work to take care of yourself and your babies, then you may be termed as: being unable to separate work from family/personal matters thereby reducing productivity in the work place!

    In other words, whatever keeps you from giving your 100% at work is no business of the company.

    What they are asking is, can you keep working per demand irrespective of what may or may not be going on in your life?

    I may be overthinking things of course, but I can’t help but think this is a trick question meant to qualify, disqualify or trap an unsuspecting applicant. By the time the would-be employee knows what this is or may be about, it would have been too late to have a say in the matter.

    I mean, self-management?! Come on.

    Which is probably one of the major reasons why people are overcoming their fear of starting businesses and launching into the world of entrepreneurship, head first.

    The other option is becoming less and less of an option. Working for someone else is becoming more unconducive by the day. Some are fortunate to work with companies who are humane and truly care for the overall well-being of their staff, but many don’t have that fortune.

    The code word for this millennium is freedom. Having your own business, seems to be the only way to gain your financial independence, while maintaining your freedom of what, when and how you compromise…..