Christian Musings

What is Power?

A lot has been going on privately, publicly and globally. And I am almost sure, that everyone of us can relate.

Hello WonderBeau People! It’s been long since I shared and maybe that’s why I’m nursing a headache.

What pulled me hear today to put virtual pen 🖊 to paper 📃 today, is power.

Yes, the issue of power.

I remember watching an excerpt of a TV series where one person said “Knowledge is power.” The other person ordered the former to be executed; halted the execution at the last minute, then said to the former, “Power is power.”

I will never forget that, because that made it too obvious that power is mostly in the hands of bullies, the insecure, the clueless, the bitter… You name it.


Because people who want to be of service to humanity, do not desire power.

Unfortunately, people who don’t want power, also don’t know how to take power from those who want power too much.

At least, not until havoc has been wrecked and they realise too late that there’s no reasoning with unreasonable power drunk people.

I could give real life examples, but I don’t want unreasonable people to derail the conversation, so I will use fiction, which isn’t far from reality anyway.


Now I read the condensed version many years ago, but the lessons I learnt from that tale has stuck with me over the years.

How could I forget? I see it play out on a regular basis.

One thing I learnt quickly was that, ambitious people can turn dangerous in a blink of an eye. My mother will argue that it’s over ambition, that is the problem.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t see the difference. Because how do you know exactly when ambition has gone overboard? Macbeth’s friend sure didn’t know.

The man thought he knew Macbeth well enough and he could talk to him. Poor man. He had no idea, he knew not the man. He underestimated Macbeth’s ambition to be king at any cost.

Another lesson, I learnt is to never underestimate anyone.

To be continued…

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