Chronicles of the Crown: A Husband’s Appeal.

“I’m sorry, Indira”, King Sergie said with remorse, as he exerted his muscles in trying to hold open the door his wife was trying to shut in his face.

Indira glowered at him. Of recent, her loving husband had capriciously shut her out!

Unhand this door, your Highness“, Indira fumed.

“Pray, allow me explain, Indira.”

Weekend Writing Prompt #248 – Capricious

1 thought on “Chronicles of the Crown: A Husband’s Appeal.”

  1. I had to hold my laughter 😃 while writing this. The mental picture, was just too funny, though the situation wasn’t. Except, for having to compress this phase of the couple’s life, to 55 words, I had fun writing this. And I hope, anyone else reading the story, will learn a thing or two from it.
    Till next time, SHALOM!


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