During a Pandemic

Crownie was mildly petrified.

She needed to pee…! During a pandemic!

It was during a wedding, that was being held during a pandemic, she corrected herself.

She grumpily made her way to the convenience.

A public convenience…she shuddered and sprayed herself with sanitising spray.

She sprayed her way into the convenience, ignoring a female guest who gave her a weird look.

As she used her own tissue — thank you! — she saw a padlocked tissue box.

Photo by Trish Nankivell

Ewwww! Who would want to steal tissue from a public toilet during a pandemic?! Crownie thought in horror as she sprayed her way out. Words Fiction


17 thoughts on “During a Pandemic”

    1. I can imagine. I haven’t gone anywhere too far from home since more than twice since the first lock down. This whole pandemic I’m sure we can find an old movie somewhere that seemed like mere imagination at the time, but now seems prophetic.

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    1. I don’t understand why, myself. Some people think it “too much” when someone is doing there best to stay safe. Now they are the weirdos. It is weird when one isn’t doing the extra to stay healthy and alive.
      Thank you for reading the story and engaging me. πŸ’

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