Christian Musings


Hello Wonderbeau people!

I feel wonderful using the word wonderbeau again, because I remember it was my intro greeting few posts into my brand new blog at the time.

I remember how, I would love to post but, I was limited by funds or I had time constraint. There’s still a bit time constraint, but glory be to God.

I remember apologising — near apologising — for not posting anything for weeks and even months, because of the above mentioned.

I remember, signing up on WordPress not because I thought I was a writer, but because I needed an outlet to speak my mind, to rant, vent and share. Hence the title of my blog site Musings of a Sanguine Christian Woman.

I remember trying to name this blog site. Naming is what concerns me directly, is not my strongest skill. Yet I persisted. I wanted a title that did not limit me, and at the same time represented all I stood for.

I am a Christian and unapologetically so. I strive to be a Biblical Christian and shun the selfish hypocrisy that seems glued to the Body of Christ.

I am also a woman and unapologetically so, with all that comes with being a woman. I’m happy and satisfied with not just being a woman, but in addition being a Christian Woman.

Of course, I didn’t want to come across as piously boring, which is difficult to be, if you are a Christian woman. Especially, as Christianity is viewed by unbelievers as boring.

I must say though, that I find some Christian sisters and brothers boring. However, that’s more my fault than theirs, because… I am sanguine.


That sanguines are fun-loving people. We just love to “parrie” (party). We like to try new things or at least have a clue of as many subjects as possible.

It’s an interesting combination or concoction however, if the sanguine is a Christian.

Then you have a wild thing under control. Or in control. It could also be wild and unwilling Perspective matters here, of course.

Wild and Unwilling, unwilling to always yield to any wildness that comes to mind…



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