Christian Musings

Troubling Tensions

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a long while.

I have been otherwise occupied and I am loving it.

This year has been a very long year, for the world, for Africa and Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are people in the seat of government, who want to look over the shoulders of everyone as they post on social media.

Apparently, the rules of engagement that social media has in place already is not enough for them.

They want no one to say or post anything that doesn’t praise them as the messiah — which they are not.

Reminds me of the USA elections.

Many Christians are praising Joe Biden. I sincerely don’t know why. I mean, I haven’t been following the events, I don’t know the man and I do not trust politicians — even if they are Christians.

All I can say is, we will see.

We will see how Christian he is.

As far as I am concerned by their fruits we shall know them. Not by their words and certainly not by their titles/qualifications, but by their qualities — the quality of their values and their moral compass.

I am a bit bothered that America is yet to produce a president in her 20s or at most 30s — even if it’s a he — at least someone young!

Then again, the millennials in the USA haven’t exactly shown leadership promise. Blunt, daring and bold perhaps. But the very idea of a USA millennial in governance does not reassure me. I may have underestimated them of course, but feel free to proof my theory wrong in this matter.


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