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BFF Drama

It’s was a side pool greet and catch up for family and mostly friends of the about-to-wed couple.

Most were chatting with someone animately while some were trying to de-stress from flying to the wedding destination before the wedding itself.

“So how is your collection coming? And you are looking hot, by the way,” Brie enthused to Sapphire, who was dancing in her seat while sipping Ginger ale, at the table for three with only just two of them at the moment.

“Thank you, Brie. and you are glowing yourself” Brie smiled at that.

“I have placed the collection on hold until after our dear friends’ wedding.” She sipped a bit more of her drink. “I try not to put too much on my plate, you understand. Besides that, I need a break so I am vacationing right about now.” She sighed deeply as she leaned back in her chair. Apparently, a bit spent, after bouncing and dancing in her chair.

“I feel you, Girl. No wonder you are looking so good” Brie raised her drink to salute Sapphire who returned the favour.

“You know what they say, if we don’t take care of ourselves ____

_____who will?” Brie finished as they both laughed.

“I might add that to my to-do-list”

“See that you do, Girl.” Sapphire joked


Brie suddenly turned with a relieved smile on her face, “Isn’t that Claire?”

Sapphire followed Brie’s eyes as squealed, “Well bless your heart. It is Claire!”

“Hey Girl! Come over here!” Sapphire waved at Claire and bounced with excitement as Brie grinned broadly at a nervous Claire who relaxed a bit at the two women’s warm welcome.

However, silence had fallen at the poolside. A stunned silence laced with disapproval.

Sapphire sensed it but ignored it as she got up, hugged and swayed Claire. She held her at arm’s length with a sheen of tears in her eyes. “Sister of the Bride, what took you so long. I have missed you!”

“And I you, Safie” with a subdued voice Claire answered with a grateful smile on her face.

“Move over, ‘Safie‘. You aren’t the only one who has missed her,” Brie declared in mock annoyance, as she embraced Claire. “Doesn’t she look great?”

“Yes, she does.” Sapphire replied emphatically, “Come on sit, sit”

Claire had barely sat, when Lisa hissed, “What is she doing here?”

Claire stiffened.

Brie groaned.

Sapphire took a quick intake of breath and swivelled, “And what is that supposed to mean, Lisa?”

Well, after what she has done. I wouldn’t show up here.” Lisa spat as if she had suddenly tasted something bitter.

“Well thank the good Lord, Claire is not you. And in case you have forgotten, she’s sister to the Bride. So she has more rights to be here than most of us” Sapphire fired back.

Claire tried to pacify Sapphire, “It’s okay, Safie. Calm____”

“No Claire. The atmosphere has been so tensed that I literally had to bounce it off. Let’s settle this once and for all!” Sapphire retied her sarong ready to do battle.”Why are you behaving as if you have never made a mistake before?”

“You can hardly call sleeping with your friend who also happens to be a friend’s boyfriend, a mistake.” Lisa rejoined with venom.

“Are you sure that’s all there is to your tirade, or you’re upset because you couldn’t get the attention of the guy in question!” The wedding party gasped and gaped.

Lisa jumped up, “How dare you, Sapphire?!”

“How dare me? I’m not the one who sounds bananas and bitter! Rehearsing an issue that the friend who was hurt has moved on from. Apparently, you were too busy being bananas about the issue that you forgot you are here for a wedding rehearsal.”

“That makes for some Bitter Bananas” Brie nodded like she just gave the insight of the century. Claire shot her a scolding look to stop adding fuel, while Brie shrugged a silent what, back at Claire.

“Why are you defending her?” Another acquaintance put in.

“Because she’s my friend? Because she’s sorry and has apologized? Because I am not without sin? What do you guys want from her anyway? Her death on the cross?”

“We used to be so close. All of us. But she torpedoed our BFF!” Another Lisa supporter put in.

“Oh yeah sure. BFF Hahn? Bucket Filling Friends you mean? It’s all about belonging with a group to fill a bucket with activities. Not really deeply caring about the people you call friends. Because if it was really Best Friends Forever, you will not fly all the way here to see a friend wed, only to turn around and resent their sister. How can you claim you love your friend but you can’t even be polite to their sister. Again how bananas is that? You need to see a therapist pronto. Because your type of love is bitter, Lisa”

“The door is on the left side, Lisa” Sapphire called, as Lisa stormed out.

She turned on the others. “I came here to reconnect and recuperate with friends. However, since my vacation has been torpedoed….” She shot a withering look at the one who mentioned the word earlier, “Then let me state it here and now. Anyone who as much as looks at Claire wrong will have to deal with me. I hope that is clear enough.” She looked around at those at the pool. “And yeah. Feel free to inform the others when they arrive. That being said, One love and peace, y’all.” At that, she sat, hailed the waiter, ordered lemonade for herself and asked the waiter to take Claire and Brie’s order too.

As Brie and Claire chatted. Sapphire’s mind was churning. The bride and I need to talk about her sister. This nonsense is got to stop.

Writing Prompts: BFF – Bucket Filling Friends; Bitter Bananas.


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