Christian Musings

Men Why?

It’s so sad and disappointing when men refuse to lead. I said “men” because unfortunately every race faces the same men-not-holding-up-the-women, in different forms.

That’s why we have feminism gone dangerous, because women are built to be protected. It’s makes us stronger to also defend where necessary.

Men know that women’s defence is feared and respected. We are instinctively mothers, and you don’t mess with a woman’s sons. 

But we need men to instinctively be our fathers as we have shown them motherly love.

Yet here we are, emotionally bankrupt and mentally/spiritually exhausted, because we keep giving but not receiving.

What makes it worse is the women against women problem that we have.

Men aren’t supporting women, women aren’t supporting women (enough), leaving us with a major crisis.

Women seem to find it easier to support men than women. Ironic isn’t it?

Take Mo’Nique for instance. If a black man went through the same thing as her, he would have massive support — from women, no questions asked.

But with Mo’Nique? Oh no. We needed to examine her character, her worth, her motive BEFORE we can support her.

Women will analyse one another to death. 

Why do we think men are more worthy of our unconditional support, but women must be of a certain behaviour and status for her to get her own gender’s attention?

If you don’t get anything from what I have written so far, get this: *Give to your gender the unconditional support and grace/mercy you give men*.

Let’s stop hating ourselves. If you love yourself as a woman, you will be nurturing and gracious towards other women.

God is Love. Seek God first and all your needs will be met accordingly. 



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