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Contentment can be tough. It can seem impossible. It can feel like you are accepting of where/were/what you are, which to you might be unacceptable. 

But I think contentment is seizing the world within you and making it a place of faith, comfort and strength.

It’s being in control of the world within you, even when all might be chaotic around you.

It’s being calm and at peace no matter what.

It’s knowing and taking stock of what you have, and being grateful for them as well as maximising the opportunities that are inherent in what you do have.

Honestly, I think only God can make one content.

 I have tried, oh have I tried!

 But, I can’t seem to find contentment in my thoughts and deeds. 

I find myself always saying, “only God” ,almost all the time. That’s because I’m learning and I have had to learn the hard way, that nothing — I mean nothing — we have, was not given to us by God.

Anyone trying to do without God is sleeping on a bike, so to speak. God is to human beings, what water is to fish. And fish without water…..well need I say more?

I’m someone who likes to DIY. I cherish independence. And when someone like me finds herself in  confined circumstances, well, that could drive anyone crazy.

In all this, finding our Source is key. And if we understand that we are spirits with souls living in bodies, we will ultimately trace our roots to the Almighty God who is a Spirit.

 If we keep our focus on our Creator Who molded us, and therefore knows us better, than we would ever know ourselves, then we would live settled lives even when nothing is settled; because we are connected to our God and Creator Who is never ruffled or caught by surprise. Amen?

Amen. Shalom.

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