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Wake Up!

I think about life and I wonder, what does it take to wake up? Not just every morning but in dormant areas of our lives?

It takes a need or desire to do something, to wake up each morning. Well, not wake up, but get out of bed. 
Now that I think of it, breathing and being conscious is different from waking up — being alive to your responsibility.

Dormant areas that the storms of life, the busyness of life or both have kept…well, dormant.

I can’t not relate ‘dormant‘ with ‘doormat‘. They sound too alike to ignore.

Some things in our lives may be dormant because they have be doormatted. Of course for something to be either or both, they must have thrived once upon a time. They must have been visible and found expression at one point in time.

Then something — a series or sequence of events, happened and what once were, are left forgotten as a dream.
Those events are usually circumstances beyond our control, mostly unforseen and therefore unplanned for….(and no. It is not only pregnancies that are unplanned for, dear typeboard prediction! You can’t imagine the words ‘prediction on’ gives you while ‘helping’ you guess your next word and how wrong they are sometimes!)

It could be sickness for you or a loved one. Someone once said most citizens of her country, are one disease away from poverty. But really, aren’t most people, globally? I mean, who sets out to buy huge health insurance plans? Not that they won’t buy health insurance but, it won’t be enormous like other insurance plans — and that is in a community or clime that values insurance.

Even so, poverty goes beyond lack of material possession or money. Any area one is lacking, one is poor. And if one is poor in one area, it will affect one’s overall performance or productivity.

Some say, one can’t have it all…at once, anyway. But a lack in any area can be a deficit to other areas of life, if that area remains unproductive.

So what does it take to wake up?

Reflect – on what used to get you so excited you couldn’t wait for the next day. Infact you had to force yourself to fall asleep, such was the height of your excitement.

 Because your mind was always brimming with ideas to try out or work on. 

Sometimes you worked all night binging on caffeine or any natural method to keep you awake. You were in and out of libraries and the internet doing research. You probably even signed up for a course to understand your project better. Life was beautiful then, wasn’t it? Remember what made life beautiful for you that you were willing to burn your candles at both ends. You worked so hard yet you were happy to do it. What was the goal, the hope and the motivation? Let’s remember.

    • What Changed? 

    Why does it seem like all the good times are in the past? It must be a painful place to go back to, but if we are stuck in motion or it seems like we have been working too hard…on one spot, then we need to do a conference with ourselves with the following sitting at the table: the past, our dreams, the present, the future, our spirit, soul, body, and Jehovah.

    We must revisit what changed, who changed, how did things change, when exactly did the change that changed everything begin and how those changes have affected you.
    Let’s be honest with ourselves. We must stop avoiding the truth using excuses — even though there are excuses, in most cases, legitimate — they blur our vision, like some pain killers until the medication wears out and they can be addictive. 

    We must learn to be honest with ourselves and look closely at where we have allowed things to fall apart in our lives. Like a popular jingle: it begins with you! 

    What part did we play in the loss we suffered? The opportunities we lost? The uncompleted projects? The health challenges? The ‘vultures’ we allowed into our lives?

    Yes, it seems unfair and it is in so many ways that you did all you could to block all the openings that the flood of life could come in to sweep your dreams and joys away, yet here you are….were you are too heartbroken to look at what your life used to be, because the flood did come in from unexpected quarters to sweep away what life meant to you. All you seem to be doing now is surviving , trying not to drown. But you can do better than that! 

    Before the next part of this series is posted, please work on this and let me know how you are faring or what you think, in the comment. 

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