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Hello Beautiful People!

Well, I have a persistent musing I’m agitated about and so that I can sleep well, I need to share.

It’s about loyalty in it’s most misplaced, misinterpreted and abused form.

Loyalty is even used to emotionally blackmail people to support the wrong things, for goodness sake!

I don’t know why I’m surprised though. People use their twisted interpretation of the Bible to blackmail people into silence, slavery, subservience, servitude, and submission. Ironic how the words share the same first letter with submission.

The word “submission” seems to rub me the wrong way — which of course is not God’s fault. It simply has more to do with how the word is misinterpreted than the word itself.

Back to ‘loyalty’.

I was watching a Mexican Soap yesterday — can’t remember it’s title now.

A psychopath who strongly believes he ‘owns’ his wife — and everyone around him for that matter — has the wife filing for a divorce and invites his business partner for dinner.

The business partner just asked, “What do you want?”

Psycho: “Can’t I treat my friend and business partner to dinner?”

BP: “Just cut to the chase. What do you want?”

“You are friends with Ignacia, can you tell me what she’s up to lately?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

Then the psycho tried the you-are-my-friend-you-should-be-loyal-to-me line, when the business partner refused to spill.

Never mind that the psycho guy had gotten his business partner’s girlfriend pregnant and incited someone to kill her, when she threatened to spill their secrets.

Funny how the least loyal people make themselves an authority on loyalty and even have the nerve to demand it from others, whom they have mistreated, by the way. Very sickening.

Then today, someone was talking about the wrongs of her sibling and was apologising for it.

Then she was asked if she had better to offer in place of the sibling.

I think my thoughts froze for a few minutes. It was hard to take in.

Then when my thoughts thawed, I asked myself, isn’t the truth something good enough to offer?

Funny thing is, people were well aware of what the sibling has done.

The problem with most people was that a sister “telling on” her brother is seen as being disloyal only to gain an advantage and upper hand.

That could well be true, but when loyalty is used to cover up bad stuff, then how do we expect equity in such a society?

Loyalty shouldn’t be demanded at the cost of your conscience. Nor should you be asked to murder sleep, just to prove your loyalty to anyone.

Personally, I’m loyal to what is right and just. If you’re in the wrong and you refuse to listen to reason, I will sound the alarm on you. Or at least cut all ties with you. And if asked why, I will say, “Our ideals no longer correlate.”

Of course, anyone who knows me, will get suspicious and begin to investigate. There are different ways to tell the truth. But the truth must be said and unheld.

Of course, the truth can uphold itself. But when it does, it would be a day of regret for all those found reasons not to support the truth.

People can be more chameleonic than the animal itself. But what is right doesn’t change. I choose to place my loyalty on what is right, regardless of who is in the wrong.






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