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Balance for Better

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So I got the memo later than most. Which is this year's theme for International Women's Day tagged: "BALANCE FOR BETTER" I was excited by this theme. But later I realized there are different ways women will interpret it. I totally loved the way @annehathaway presented it in her speech at the United Nations' event to mark the day. (It's on YouTube) It was beautiful. And it further cemented my interpretation. I wrote on my blog, that we needed to "clean house", for us as women to become our best, with lesser difficulties. For me, #balanceforbetter means: Be in touch with every aspect of your life. Have a life outside winning at the work place. Be at peace with being a woman — in every sense of the word, with all it entails. Don't be afraid to be femiNINE as opposed to being femiNIST. It's okay to be a wife and/or a mother. It part of being a woman. It's okay not be femiNIST. Being femiNINE is a major part of your identity as a woman — as masculinity is a major part of a man's identity — embrace, celebrate, nurture it. Be in touch and embrace with your soft side. When we are in our feminine element, we do more and better with less effort. It's okay to need the help of men. It doesn't make you a weakling or a traitor. It makes you human. Like it or not, we coexist for the wellbeing of one another — men and women. Happy Sunday and Shalom. #feminine #heartofwomen #women #balanceineveryarea #balanceforbetteriwd2019 #awomansperspective #femininity #workingtogether #greatness #wife #mother #heartofgold #allwoman #womenaunafraid #womenunrestricted #unstrictlybusiness #womenwholeness #peacewithin #unafraid #unashamed #liberationfromwithin

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