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International Women’s Day: House Cleaning!

So it’s women’s day soon.

I don’t really know how I feel about that.

Scratch that.

I know how I feel about that.

I’m not excited nor happy.

Simple reason.

We women haven’t learnt to be our own network and support system.

Few women are doing so much: putting themselves on the line to relieve the suffering of women and children, as many as they can reach.

Now these women ought to be celebrated. On International Women’s Day.

Maybe we should have Women’s Hall of Heroines or something like that, were women who have uplifted other women are given honorable mentions, recognized, and celebrated.

And they are asked to be speakers on such days.

Maybe that will inspire other women of privilege who are reluctant to assist other women — for whatever reason– to get out of the comfy cocoons and help a sister out.

There are however, large percentage of women who consist of bullies, fence sitters, it-doesnt-concern-me, live-and-let-live-even-when-others-are-dying…… You get the picture?

I felt so angry when non of the fanatic feminists, take to the street in protest –as some of them do with their right not to wear bra, of all things — when a woman was killed because she was accused of killing her rapist.

I didn’t see anyone — the popular ones that is — speak against, rally against or march to there respective government houses in protest.

It was awfully silent as the poor woman was killed.

I felt guilty and helpless.

I’m sure there are countless of such stories globally.

Are we really a Global Village? Because what I know about villages is that, they know what the other is doing. They show up and help one another to plant and harvest. They are there to protect one another.

I think we do more of gossip about one another, rip one another off than we build one another.

But when it comes to whether we should have children or not the women who were silent as a fellow woman was killed, would suddenly find their voices, telling us not to have children.

And oh. We lay all women’s problems at the feet of men.

Well, maybe they are our major problem. But we are our own core problem, because we have no unity of purpose, and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

I’m of the opinion that we focus on house cleaning, rather than focusing on men standing in our way — and many of them are, but for me that is not important at all!

House cleaning comes naturally to us, so why aren’t we doing it?

Why leave what is natural to us, just to fight with men in their own habitat, when we could be doing the same thing from our own comfort zone and in our own habitat?

But since we have left our launching pad unattended to, it has gone riot and we are pretending and making excuses.

A woman will bruise herself just to frame a guy, and we go riot. When we eventually find out it was a false alarm, instead of making the lady pay for perverting justice, we explain that sick behavior away:

“She must have been hurt before and that’s why she’s like that.” Really.

“If men had been doing the right thing, she wouldn’t need to do that.” Oh?

“Besides, this is a small occurrence compared to real assaults.” You don’t say.

And that is how some innocent men and even women — because these men have mothers and sisters — get hurt, because some angry woman or a bully refused to seek healing so they can have beauty for ashes.

How are we to move forward, if we are busy pulling down our own offsprings?

How do you think a woman will feel, when another woman’s false accusations against her son is exposed and all some women can say is, “Well, it’s not as important as real abuses.”

But a real abuse just happened!

Are we saying it’s okay for men to be assaulted?

Woe betides any female who frames my son — when I do have a few — simply because she has some fanatics who have lost their sense of what is right. I will see to it that she gets the full wrath of the law.

You don’t mess with a mother’s pain just to seek revenge on an innocent person.

This is like allowing a child to bite people simply because the child is teething.

We need to talk about some mothers who surpress their daughters.

We need to find a solution to handling some female bosses who terrorise and harass their staff, especially female staff.

We need to talk solutions, about women who make profit from sex slavery and human trafficking.

We need to find solutions to handle women who commit crimes against humanity.

We need to find solutions to handling women who emotionally, mentally, physically or otherwise assault and dehumanise others.

We must not term the above mentioned a general problem. Whether we like it or not, it’s our problem. Especially if and when, women are the perpetrators.

We have fought for our freedom to a certain degree. Praise God we have it.

But what are we doing with our freedom?

Are we using it to liberate or enslave?

We need to sharpen our housekeeping skills and use it, before things get too out of hand.

Happy International Women’s Day.

May we stand for and do what is right, always.

Let’s think of what we can do better. Let’s help one another heal. We fight right when we are whole.

Healing and wholeness for women, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

If each one can reach one, then each one can teach one, what a much better world we would have.

Whether we know it or not. Whether we like it or not. We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers, so why don’t we just show love? Just because.

— Chaz B


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