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New Year, New Hope

Hello and Happy New Year Wonderful people.

Whatever 2018 was or wasn’t for you, I hope you can move on and try to do things differently in areas that didn’t pan out well.

Despite and inspite of the prophetic outlook, I feel hopeful, more motivated.

Of course, I felt almost the ‘same way’ this time last year. I’m not gonna think about that.

Yes, I am thankful to God for all that came up last year and I was a part of.

I’m thankful for all God has done for me. I’m thankful for the miracle of life.

I was hoping for something…. more….

Like a massive income, investments, a chance to maximise my potential, a change of environment, travel opportunities, education and maybe ‘the man’😉.

I hate it when people say you are the captain of your destiny. Usually, it’s those who ‘have it all’ and they have gotten a teensy bit self-assured about their own abilities, that they assume that if things aren’t working out for you, it’s because you are not doing anything to better yourself.

It’s easy to be hopeful and keep working towards your dreams when you don’t have some people calling you a loser.

Of course they are too posh to call you loser. They will simply talk about their successes and how they did it (some won’t tell you how).

Here you are, wide open emotionally, thinking how you can upgrade your method of trying to succeed. Then they start highlighting your inadequacies, as if you were not aware of them. Then they begin to compare and contrast.

I don’t know about you, but when some people do that to me, I want to climb to highest mountain and give a blood-curdling war cry.

I’m done questioning God about my worth, thank God for that!

I pray that God should forgive me:

For questioning His love every time I’m told I’m unlovable.

For questioning my worth as a human being, anytime someone questions/rues my existence to my face.

For questioning my bright future anytime someone who, didn’t make me treats me like antiquity.

Never will I allow others to make me doubt God because they doubt everything about me.

I don’t know about you, but this 2019 onward, I choose to believe what God whispers in my subconscious :

That I am loved.

I’m worth dying for.

I am precious.

I’m beautifully made

I’m a wonder.

, rather than listen to loud disapproval of others towards me.

Shalom People and remember to be a blessing unto others.🤗


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