Christian Musings


Hellooo Beautiful People. 💐

I recall nonsensical opening song of a movie. It goes: I love, love. I love being in love. I don’t care what it does to me…

It sounded like something a drunk rock artist put together under the duress to sing something, anything.

Love is a powerful force and why not? God is love.

It never ceases to amaze me, when people say love is not enough.

I can actually understand if someone who doesn’t know God says love isn’t enough. But it’s worrisome and disturbing when Christians parrot it.

But then again, the church is not what it used to be. The church hardly has revival, it’s practically cold, liberal and getting more unscriptural. Hence, the parroting of secular lingua and societal/cultural/political correctness.
The Internal/heart/personal church has been eroded with lies and deceit. We have become at ease on a keg of gunpowder.

The Bible’s definition of love cannot be faulted in any way. It’s a lot to live up to, but it’s possible to live our everyday life in scriptural love.

Let’s Christ build the church of our soul so that hell will not prevail against.



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