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What are You Reading❔

Hello WonderBeau People!

I have always loved to read — mostly novels and historicals/ medieval are my favourites.

I guess it’s because I’m a romantic and I love reading about relationships that seem bound to fail — due to difference in status, personality, race, religion, view, circumstances, etc — then becomes a blissful, loving success! *Trying not to swoon*.

Same thing happens with my movie choices.

These have taught me a lot. Because after I have been entertained, the next thing for me is: lessons learnt.

I ponder on the aspects or scenes/parts of the story that seems new to me or different from what I know.

I have read/watched over and over again, how breaks in communication can ruin relationships.

How honest and open communication will go a long way to resolve many issues even before they ever become an issue.

I read books based on how much the topic or highlights of the book appeals or connects to me.

I love libraries and bookshops. I bought books so much until my mum stopped me. Can’t say I blame her. Because I end up not being able to finish reading them, which is because they are NON-fiction.

Any hoo. I felt taller when my mum needed to read one of the books I had bought! I think I probably walked on air for a few days. She said she needed to know more about a Biblical quote and I had a book with the same quote as a title.

I have read dirty literature as well, especially when I’m feeling sad, stressed, inadequate and just plain tired. Lessons learnt: don’t read them they ruin your thoughts and how you view things.

Ironic how erotica, mature, adult or whatever name they choose to call books/movies with explicit sexual content, are readily available and free. Available and free mind poison.

I may not have shown my appreciation before, but I’m grateful for the Christian authors I have read their novels for free, or who have made their novels free for me to read.

I’m looking forward to when I would do book reviews here. Exciting!

Readers they say, are leaders. Readers are deep thinkers to.

Reading enables you to enjoy your own company. It helps you to enjoy comfortable silence. It helps you to be comfortable in your company. Note, that libraries have reading areas made in cubicles — you don’t see who is beside you or in front of you. It’s to create an environment were you are alone in the world of what you are reading.

What you read is supposed to provoke deep thoughts or meditation in you. When that happens you will end up craving time alone in peace and quiet. As time goes on, loose interest in meaningless sound, because you gain more in silence.

Comfortable silence inspires creative ideas. And this provokes more thinking on how to execute the ideas.

Readers understand being alone without feeling lonely.

Reading is one of the ways to cure loneliness. It makes you know you better. It increases your understanding and knowledge on why some things are the way they are. You also learn how things should be.

Reading is like the mind exercise that stretches the mind muscles beyond what we thought it was capable of doing.

Read on health, relationship, marriage, parenting, etc.

Last but not least:

Whatever is pure, of good report, honest, just, true, of praise ; read on these things.


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