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Natural Expressions

Hello Beautiful People.

I’m about to shake tables with the following words. So if your table gets shaken, just think about what I have written. I’m not on a bashing-hating spree, I can assure you.

I wish I know what some people’s craze is about — then again, maybe not. Yes, knowledge is power, but there are lots of things I wish I didn’t know. And now, I’m trying to unlearn.

The extremes people go to in the name of self expression… It’s — for a lack of a better word — crazy!

I don’t know who told some people that neon-coloured hair, tatoos (apologies to my tatooed friends, you know I love you 💜), piercings, are ways to show they are different or to express yourself.

In most cases I believe they are running away from something — an unresolved matter — that has played a number on their personality.

Self expression comes from knowing yourself — knowing Who Jehovah God is. Why He made you and what difference you are created to make.

I seriously doubt that, that can come from hair colour tubes, body painting and self mutilation.

For a generation that talks about self so much, we have a hard time accepting someone who wants to be natural.

Being natural is about self acceptance — including physical features.

It means you may not like some of your features, but you love them and you won’t trade them.

I’m what people will call a ‘naturalista’.

I hardly wear make up — though I could teach someone how to.

My lovely African hair with a mind of its own — like it’s owner — frustrates da hell out of me, but I love it. I would appreciate a simpler to apply organic hair regime that will make my hair longer, softer and glossier.

I don’t like attachments on my hair, nails and… eyelashes, for goodness’ sake!

I can’t recall the last time I wore jewelry either. Less accessories to worry and fuss about — in my not-so-popular opinion.

Now anyone who wears only their clothes that shows less skin, shows the hair that grows from their scalp, is usually given the third degree.

Interesting how the natural African hair revolution began not too long ago.  And is growing strong, Amen? Amen.

Following closely behind was the no-make-up trend that some celebs began.

It gets tiring at some point, to keep covering or enhancing your features. It feels so good to let your surface be your surface — except maybe for sunscreen though.

It feels good to know you can do without. And while you were doing without, the world — or yours, for that matter — did not come to a crumbling end.

Infact, you even got some compliments on how different you look, but beautifully so.

It doesn’t mean you won’t wear make up ever again — if you so desire.

Or wear jewelry (as a woman, of course!) — if you spirit allows.

But you will know that your beauty, your life, and your desirability, does not depend on the external, but the internal.

Oh and? You. Are. Enough. Naturally.

Shalom. 💜🌎💙




via Your Daily Word Prompt – Natural – August 14th, 2018

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