Christian Musings

Sun, Flowers and Exercise. 

Crownie couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she was. 

Then again, she liked the flowery neighbourhood when the sun hits it in the morning. It looked so ethereal and beautiful, like a combination of medieval and modern scenery. Dreamy.

As she kept jogging, a few people rode past her on bicycles. Guess I’m not the only who loves the morning scenery, She thought.

Maybe she would settle for a walk next time. It was said that jogging was not good for the boobs. That and the fact that she was always out of breath were jogging was concerned. 

But hey. Its a beautiful day, she thought as she mentally mapped out her day. 

Her phone rang. She slowed to a walk.  

“Buenas noche”, she said as she picked the phone. 

“Isn’t that Spanish? Aren’t you supposed to be speaking Italiano?”, her sister asked.

“Well, there isn’t much of a difference between both languages, in my opinion”, Crownie replied dryly. 

“How’s everyone at home, Rania?”

“Fine. Everyone is just fine, ‘Nie”, Rania assured her sister. 

“I just wanted to hear your voice and check up on you”, replied Rania. 

“Awwwwnnn”, Crownie was touched as she croned.




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