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‘Ideology’ is one of the many words I’m not familiar with. It’s mind-boggling if you ask me. I think it’s like a chosen way of life, something you live by. I see ideology as a personal thing. It’s a choice of what you make, your way of life. Your personal constitution.

Ideology sometimes is like a religion, in a way and you seem to have to submit yourself, to a certain authority that governs that ideology. So much so that, if you are deviating, someone will check mate you.

If someone doesn’t , you will. Because it’s a believe system you have either bought into or you have created for yourself .

I suppose ideology is not familiar to me, because it’s not commonly used — at least not anymore.

Reason being that it takes a level of discipline, self-control and sacrifice to have an ideology; something — I’m sorry to say is most lacking in our generation.

We don’t want to be known for only one thing, in case one day we decide to change our minds — which we do faster than fashion weather changes.

Our generation is not popular for consistency and commitment in purpose. We want to see, try, taste and generally experience everything, before we make a decision — which we hardly do.

Making a decision is beginning to sound ancient. Probably because we don’t want to be responsible for the consequences of decision making. After all, it’s easy to cast blames on others — animate or inanimate, living or non-living — and absolve oneself of any fault.  Never mind that, decision making is an art or a science of wisdom. Our generation is not popular on wisdom either. Most are only looking for the next big ‘fun’ thing.

We like to live on spontaneous impulse. You can’t afford to live like that if you have an ideology, because everything you do evolves around your ideology — a theory that you’re known for — therefore you can’t afford to fail.

Even if you fail, people will know that you stuck to what you believed in and you gave it your all and that, says a lot about a person.

It’s tells people that have been observing you; that you’re committed, loyal, tenacious, courageous and stable. And that you can be trusted. People know that if something is given to you to work with, you will give it your best and stick to it to the very end. If you have a business idea or an invention, be sure people will be willing to invest in it, because of what you stand for and how you stand for it.

And maybe that’s why no one trusts like they used to in previous generations. Ideology was what people lived by and it shaped a lot of events in ages past. People died for ideologies then. It was that serious.

I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever be serious. Maybe we don’t know we are growing older and age is NOT just a number, where serious matters are concerned. If you don’t believe me, ask employers why they insist on an age bracket for potential employees.

I read a blog recently and I laughed in horror at the startling truth of it.

It talks about that, ‘horrifying moment were you’re seeking an adult — for counsel, clarity, help — and you realise YOU ARE the adult!’

 I found that scary and humbling. Especially when one is too close to 30 for comfort. And you are trying not to think about it. Birthdays become a reality check, when you are still hoping to be where you envisioned yourself to be. 

But it also helps in a way, to know that you are an adult and it was way past time you were dispensing wisdom — once you get over the panic. 

I should have been suspicious when, I was being addressed as ‘Ma’ (a word used to address an older woman, short form of ‘madam’) I was uncomfortable when I was recently addressed as such, more times than I cared to remember. 

I found myself wondering if I was indeed looking old. Another scary thought. 

Let someone tell the younguns that being an adult is not as cool as it’s cracked up to be. So they should stop dressing ten years ahead of their age, for example, among other crazy things they think adults or ‘grown ups’ do.

 Lord knows, adults are trying hard to look younger, so when we’re told there’s a clever way of dressing, a beauty routine, certain hair styles 💇  that will knock ten years off our looks; you better believe most of us will try it!

Oh and someone should also tell them that your growth is continuous. It’s not a destination, but a journey that gets more tedious and tough every year — that is if you don’t want to wither and die. 

Adulthood is not that fun. It can be quite painful, actually. It’s more responsibility, more work, more pressure, more expectations. 

Like I often muse: Enjoy where/were you are, on the way to where you are going. 

But have something you stand for. An orientation that puts your excesses in check. A vision that forces you to stretch yourself positively, that forces you to grow stronger in all areas and do better everyday. 

A mindset that shifts 80% of your attention away from you, to other people’s legitimate needs. An ideal that inspires you to be a helping hand to geniune people. 

An ideal worth living for and worth fighting for. 



via Your Daily Word Prompt – Ideology – July 26th, 2018


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