Christian Musings

Kingdom of Love

Indira, queen of the Xenia Kingdom of her father’s empire looked at the water as she stood on one of the bridges that brought her into her new husband’s empire capital.

The waters soothe and clear her mind in a way she couldn’t explain. 

So she came almost everyday after her morning battle practice.

She sat on the bridge as she thought of her new husband. 

He was quite exotic in his looks, there was beauty in his form. She only noticed because he was different from the men she had ever seen before.

But what she liked about him was that he was a skilled and versatile warrior — her match — one she never thought she would meet after Carlos. 

Carlos. Her heart ached less at her loss of Carlos. But it still ached. She sighed. She needed to put him to rest in heart if she intended to give her husband a chance. 

Another reason she spent time at the bridge. It helped her remember why she was here. It also made her think of her new husband. She supposed the brook had a lot in common with him — unassuming, natural rugged  beauty.

She was used to beautiful men. She grew up with them, from her father, to her uncles, brothers and cousins, they all were assorted masculine beauty. But what made them stand out was their inner being which shone brighter than their good looks, as her new husband promises to be. 

She ought to work on thinking of him as her own instead of new husba—

“A diamond for your thoughts, my fair queen’,  a rough, masculine but sultry voice said beside her. 

Indira startled a bit, then smiled in amusement at her husband’s joke. 

Her gaze fell on his feet clad in jeweled shoes, rose past his tastefully jeweled attire, as it settled on his handsome face whose prominent features at the moment were his smiling eyes. 

“My Lord, what could be so important to draw you away from your busy schedule to this place?”, she asked playfully.

“Well”, her husband sat beside her on the bridge. 

“I saw an irresistible beauty sitting on a bridge deep in thought and I thought to myself, why not help unburden her mind? So here am I.”  He said with a twinkle in his eyes. 

Indira couldn’t help herself as she burst into laughter. Since they had been introduced, he had made it difficult for her to keep a straight face. 

“Mayhaps I should increase the number of diamonds for your thoughts?” He said a bit more seriously. 

“That won’t be necessary, my lord.” Indira replied with a smile. 

“I do have a name, you know. And I can assure you my lord or my king isn’t it.” 

“I will try, but I’m not ready to call you by name. Forgive me.” the new Empress politely but gently replied her Emperor husband.

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