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Music Mandate

Is this a joke?! Princess BellaMaria fairly shrieked in dismay,

“Albeit not amusing in the least!”, she tried to regain her composure.

“I’m sorry your highness, but your mother — her royal majesty — has expressly made it clear, that if you don’t dedicate at least three hours of your time to learning musical instruments, you’re not to be allowed out of the palace. Nor attend any palace event.” Her mother’s lady-in-waiting crisply but gently said.

“But”, The princess tried to reason, “This is preposterous!” she protested.

“It is not, mi Amor” , The Queen said as she entered her daughter’s room.


10 thoughts on “Music Mandate”

    1. It has its perks. It reminds me of a queen character in a serial, who said, a queen/princess has the power to get her subjects to do her bidding, but she doesn’t have the power to do what she wants.

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  1. I agree with the other comments, she does need to obtain the joy of music on her own. But I do wish I had had a bit more power (like the queen) to make my daughter practice the piano more growing up. (hehe) Very nice story! =)

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    1. See? Even you agree with the 👑 queen.😊 You are the 👑 queen of your home. So you can still give the order to your 👸 princess. 😊 . Thanks for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. 💐

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