Christian Musings

The Move

She had always had mixed feelings about America. She didn’t quite know whether she was indifferent or she disliked the country. When she read about the natives and how they were treated on their own land, she understood why she, ‘stands unimpressed’ by anything American.

But she had been transferred by her organisation from Africa to America — on a promotion of course — so duty calls. As she thought on what to wear to her sent-forth party, she decided to dress Pocahontas style — well, the Disney animation’s Pocahontas. If there was anywhere she would love to visit, or live in — if possible — it would be a county with more Native Americans than most.

But today she was going on an all-female shopping-spree date with her sisters, cousins and friends, before she travelled. She was going to miss these crazy but wonderful Christian women, even if there was social media.

148 Words.



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