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Perpetual Extremes

Hi and Hello!

I have been at sea for a while now. A lot has been bouncing around in my mind — as usual.

I’m not and have not, been very happy with the majority stand point of both gender on roles, equality, and rights.

Both genders are either mostly unreasonable, fanatical or extreme.

To fanatical feminist, domesticity is a taboo — a humiliation. They say a woman shouldn’t be defined by how domesticated (or not) she is. Nor should she be compelled to be domesticated.

I agree that a woman shouldn’t be compelled to be domesticated. Nor should she be defined by house chores.

However, that does not mean women and men shouldn’t know how to be domesticated. How you then decide to utilise your knowledge is at your discretion.

On the other hand a sizeable chunk of the male gender either treat women as personal slaves, or look the other way when women are being maltreated. But the ‘good’ men suddenly find their voice when women speak out from their bitter experiences that “all men are the same”.

And the best reply the ‘good’ men can come up with is, “not all men are the same”. As if that is supposed to make the hurt women feel better.

Actually, it raises a question that if truly all men aren’t the same, where were the “not the same” men, when the unpalatable members of their gender were making life difficult and unsafe for women? Silence means consent. And when you are silent or passive in the face of injustice, it means you approve of the injustice and that makes you an ‘aid-er’ and ‘abet-er’ of the injustice .

Some men even go a step further, to act victimised, stating how ‘unfair’ it is to label men negatively as “all the same”.

They refuse to deal with the root cause of the initial outburst from the women.

When an accusation is made, instead of becoming defensive, you investigate, do damage control and make sure those who did the wrong thing are punished by the law. And if it’s immorality that doesn’t break the law, ostracise the offenders to let your displeasure known.

Instead, our ‘good’ men, would rather blame the aggrieved women  than blame the bad men who caused the grieve.

I hope both genders would do house cleaning and stop this perpetual unreasonable and unhealthy extremes that is hurting our society more and more.



via A New Daily Post Word Prompt – June 22nd, 2018 – Word: Perpetual


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