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Crownie’s Chronicles 0.3

Tired . That word had been her middle name for too long. Crownie thought tiredly. Now if she could have her lunch break with a peaceful nap. . . . .Or not.

“Crownie!”, Magnolia, her co-intern at JaVieri called as she flounced over to her.

What is it now?” she thought, as she sighed internally.

“Have you heard?”, Magnolia asked.

Here we go again, Jesus“, Crownie thought with another internal sigh.

“Heard what”, Crownie said tiredly.

“That”, Magnolia continued excitedly, “JaVieri is opening a new boutique in Turkey!”

“You dont say”, Crownie said with little interest.

Perhaps if she hadn’t read in a novel, about ancient Turkish monarchs who filled their harem with women all over the world, forcefully taken from their homelands, and sold to the harem’s chief eunuchs, whose job apparently was to scout for rare beauties at the slave markets. . . . .

Crownie! Were are you in this conversation?!”, Magnolia demanded.



12 thoughts on “Crownie’s Chronicles 0.3”

  1. Dear Ade-Oluwa,

    Perhaps Crownie is letting her imagination run away with her and the fashion outlet is just that–a fashion outlet. Although I could feel her irritation with Magnolia who, I’m guessing, is a little shallow.



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    1. Indeed Rochelle. 🙂. Magnolia’s overbearing personality, her tiredness and her perception of Turkey, were a bit too much to handle — on a lunch break, no less. Thanks for your very insightful and encouraging comments.
      Note: I had to change the “fashion outlet” to “boutique”, to move the word count from 151 to the instructed 150.🦋

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  2. I enjoyed this one, Ade-Oluwa. Sometimes, it would be best if we were not so interested in outside events and allowed ourselves to just be young…
    And I agree with Karen, your characters do come alive!

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