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Crownie’s Chronicles 0.2

She couldn’t have been able to venture out on her own without the firm but gentle nudge of Jesus, because she sure didn’t get any encouragement from her ‘family and friends’.

If you are born in a place, it’s because God planted you there. Therefore, you can prosper in your place of birth’, her mother often quipped.

But’, Crownie would protest,

It also doesn’t mean one must only live and die where one was born!’ Crownie would usually say in exasperation.

Most times she simply listened, if she was too tired of getting into an argument she wouldn’t win.



8 thoughts on “Crownie’s Chronicles 0.2”

    1. And unfortunately, people do that too often to cover up for their real reasons and motives. It is naive and risky at times to take people’s words only on face value. People may say one thing and mean something entirely different.


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