Christian Musings

Let there be Peace! 

Peace is underrated, peace of mind that is. And I dare say, peace in every aspect and facet of life. 

If not, why would you remain in a situation or relationship were emotions are constantly running high? 

Why would someone or a group of people want to impose their ideology on others? 

Why would some women choose to be with or stay with a man, who disrespects, abuses and walks all over them, because they want to maintain the ‘I have a man’ or ‘I’m in a relationship’ status, or because they don’t want to be alone? 

Why are people treated like pariahs because they refuse to accept or tolerate anything or anyone that, or who is a threat, to their peace? 

Why is a woman’s standard deemed too high even when it’s obvious that her standards are not because she’s arrogant, but to maintain tranquillity in her world?

Why is the ‘live and let live mantra’ so difficult to adhere to? 

Why must I do what you want at the expense of my faith and conscience, because ‘the law’ is on your side? Isn’t that blackmail and bullying? 

Why is peace, shanti, paz — and all else peace might be called in different languages — not so important as it should be? 

It would seem like some people are just enemies of peace, as evidenced by the way they disrupt other people’s hard-earned peaceful existence, just for the heck of it. 

Who does that

Someone who lacks something and loathes others having it, that’s who. And unfortunately for the human race, there are so many of those ‘whos’ every where you look — and you wouldn’t need to look far — at work, home, neighbourhood, family, church, gatherings, social media, etc. 

It’s just crazy! It’s a sadistic behaviour that more often than not, has laws backing them! Imagine that

I was upset when I read about the Baker in Colorado, U.S.A, who was taken to court by a gay couple for ‘discrimination’.

And how did this discrimination happen? They came in asking for a wedding cake. The baker asked who the cake was for, and the men replied it was for them as a couple because they were getting married to each other. The Baker apologetically declined to bake a cake for their marriage based on his beliefs as a Christian, but they were welcome to any of his other available services. 

Apparently, declining to bake a wedding cake for gay couples is a crime, even if your religious beliefs are on the line. 

My first reaction was, “Were there no talented Bakers in this gentlemen’s community they could easily patronise?’ ‘Why should you force people to accept your choice?’ ‘Are you not infringing on the choice of another?’ 

I thought that was passive bullying. 

If your intentions are indeed noble, why would you want someone whose believes contradict your event to make your ceremonial cake? Forgive me if I don’t get the logic here. 

I understand that they will feel rejected, no matter how gently they were rejected. But more often than not, it doesn’t make a true Christian happy to turn away anyone. It’s about pleasing God according to His word. Pleasing me doesn’t even factor in here. So pardon me, but if you are living by a code or rule that you can only express yourself within it, would you make exception for others, when you can’t make an exception for yourself?

 What do we think, “love your neighbour as yourself” means? It means what I cant do, or permit myself to do, I won’t encourage or support my neighbours to do the same, because I love them as I love myself

I can only give you what I have. So if what I have does not sit well with you, then find someone who can give you what you seek. Instead of insisting, I give you what I’m not allowed to give you.

That is living and letting others, live, even as you gently convince them of a better — gospel of Christ — way to live and love. 

It is well. Shalom! 💚🌎💚


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