Christian Musings


Hello Beautiful People 🤗

To be broken in the Christian faith is different from the world’s definition of broken.

The world defines a broken person as unwhole, hurt, traumatised person whose actions are damaging and destructive. 

In the faith, we need to submit ourselves to God to break us, cure us, purify us, then mold us into something more beautiful and stronger.

God does the work of a potter in our lives — if we let Him.

Because we are in this world, things happen that taints us, crack us, chip away at us — remember we are vessels. And sometimes many of us break and we have been left to carry about the  broken pieces of our lives.

The world is filled with people who are damaged vessels and until they allow the Potter to work on them, they will go around negatively broken, hurting themselves and others.

It’s painful to go through the remolding process. But like my youth pastor said, ‘You can’t be a product unless and until you go through the process.’

To be an original product of real value, we need to go through the process of being mixed and poured.

It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. When God is through with us, we would be a great masterpiece indeed. The more renowned, experienced the Potter; the more exquisite, detailed, unique, outstanding, valuable, and sort-after the vessel.

Whether we know it or not, we are being molded into something.

Questions are: Who is molding us? What are we molded into?

Life, society, family, peers, friends, acquaintances, media, self, the devil, experiences, situations and circumstances, are molders. And the end results doesn’t favour us in the long run.

God is the true Potter and He is ready if we are, to mold us into vessels of/unto honour.

Shalom! 💐

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