Christian Musings


Hello All. πŸ™‹

I have noticed that the constant feeling of guilt for every and any thing, comes from a selfless person, most times. I find it hard to believe a selfish person would feel guilty about anything, because if they did, they wouldn’t do half of the things they do.

I feel guilty anytime I get into an argument with my mum — even if I needed to speak up for myself.

I feel guilty when I can’t share whatever I bought while I was out, with members of my household.

I feel guilty when I can’t be of help to a highly intelligent and talented individual who can’t afford to further their education or training.

I feel guilty when I haven’t done anything about all the ideas I have.

I’ve heard people say they felt guilty, when they had a miscarriage. They felt there was more they could have done to safeguard the pregnancy. In most, cases they have done all that could have been done, but they can’t seem to believe that.

Same thing with losing a loved one. Some of us feel, if we had been able to do more of a lot of things, they would have still been alive. Maybe, maybe not.

For those of us feeling guilty about getting angry, and generally not being 100% perfect, 100% efficient, 100% responsible, 100% all things good and wonderful all the time, to all people, in all circumstances; let’s be at peace with the fact that we are doing our best on the journey of perfection.

Let us learn to always forgive ourselves anytime we feel we could have done better.

Let’s also learn to let go, and not hold on to offence and mistakes we have done or others have done to us.

It is well. 🎢Shalom. πŸ¦‹πŸŒŽ


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