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Self Care Journal ep:2

This will be my first time ever to reblog!👯 I love how the writer talked about self care and the fact that her post inspired me on what to write.
There’s a whole new world inside each and everyone of us, that is much more important than the world we live in. The world within us helps us live in the world around us. It’s the strength within us, that gives us physical strength.

Therefore, we need to find the world within us, nurture it and make it beautiful with our dreams and hope. We shouldn’t however, become addicted to disappearing behind the fort of our world everytime life gets tough. Neither should we get obsessed with it, that we lose touch with the world around us and the realities of life.

The world within us is not meant for playing ostrich, but it’s meant to remind us of why life is beautiful, to remind us of our dreams and hope for the future; in that, we gain strength and courage to forge ahead and keep fighting for our internal dreams to come to life.

The world within is what we make of it. It should be a place to relax, unwind and refresh. Shalom. 😊

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Self care and what it means

Self care is the act of tending to the needs of the mind and body. 

The internet is exploding with the term, but quite a bit of people don’t understand what it means. Most overlook it as some millennial trend sweeping the web (which it kind of is), but don’t discredit it. If we are well taken care of, we can better serve our purpose here on this planet. Being healthy and happy is incredibly important for every single person. When I say every person, I truly mean it. If you are not taking time out of your day to mind yourself, then this post is for you.

Caring for oneself can seem weak and unnecessary; especially for those who grew up in harsher climates. Maybe you had to take care of your siblings needs before your own because…

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2 thoughts on “Self Care Journal ep:2”

  1. Thank you for the reblog! Your thoughts on the topic are in-tune with how I was feeling about it. I would love to see how you perceive self care! Your blog is wonderful btw. I can’t wait to read up on your posts. Have a wonderful evening!

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