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Narcissism seem to be trending lately, though I suspect it’s been around for eons. I guess now, the behaviour has been given it’s correct name, in it’s proper perspective.

The scary part of narcissism is that, it’s about the abuse of another that is not obvious to a third party, except to an unbiased professional psychologist.

Narcissism doesn’t come up until someone is at the receiving end of the behaviour and such person is shrinking from the onslaught of the behaviour.

I think this behaviour is like a vacuum cleaner of some sort, that tries to pull in everything around it and then trash them later. Unless a vacuum cleaner is controlled and guided, it will suck in anything and everything it can — important or unimportant — in it’s vicinity.

The thing about this behaviour is that those who have it, think themselves as perfect, so it will be a herculean task getting them to positively channel their behaviour — that is if you don’t get sucked into their ‘perfection’ vortex, because you got close.

At first, it will seem they are trying to make you a better person, but in reality they are sucking out of you, all that is different about you, which is beautifully unique in it’s own special way, but doesn’t fit into their idea of perfection or what they have decided you should be.

All I have written so far on this particular post, is about what I have gathered so far from people’s experiences and the professionals’ point of view on narcissism.

Now imagine my surprise when my usually unusual, but detailed dictionary defines narcissism as selflove.

Selflove? Selflove! Isn’t that the much preached theme and hallmark of this millennia? Sooo when someone talks or teaches about self love, are they saying, “Hey there Millennials! Lets be more narcissistic“?! Because that’s how it sounds to me, though I would appreciate it if you would share how this self – love promo versus narcissism sound to you.

Once again, I’m more resolved and resolute in my believe that the Holy Bible is complete.

The Bible says, we should love God with all our might, all heart.

It also says we should love others as we love ourselves.

So the ‘loving others’ was omitted, leaving this self – love campaign strategy for passive narcissism.

In the heroine’s voice of the Hallmark movie, “I Married Who?” — ‘This is bad. Really, really bad!’ I was laughing at her choice of words, considering the circumstances she found herself when she said that, but now I get what she meant and I’m not laughing.

How did we move from loving God and loving our neighbours as ourselves, to loving ourselves only?

God saw this coming and that’s why through Jesus Christ he made the greatest commandment: loving God with your all. Because that will cure us of the tendency to poach others and passively bully them, under the guise of making them ‘better’.

I strongly suggest pruning bushy flower gardens, for people with narcissistic personality. That is one endeavour we can all safely enjoy, that will also satisfy their ‘need’ to recreate others.

Loving God and our neighbours is the solution to most — if not all — world problems.

Shalom. 💕🌎💞

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