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Where did I come from?

Hello dear reader ๐Ÿ™‹

We all have an origin and our origin is the foundation of our existence. We came from somewhere and someone; unless and until we know, our journey of self discovery will be incomplete.

Who and where you descend from explains some things about you that you have had a hard time figuring out.

I think our roots explains about 80% of who we are.

I finally watched the movie ‘Hercules’ in the wee hours of this morning in my part of the world. I said ‘finally’ because, I have been eyeing it for a while, but I didn’t think I was in the place — psychologically — to watch this particular movie.

Turns out when you are ready, you’re ready. You get the best of an endeavour when you are ready for it. I plan on watching it again. As always I took away ๐Ÿ’Ž gem lessons. I was also entertained. And I also think Dwayne Johnson has indeed found his calling in acting, most especially medieval movies. I won’t be surprised if he descended from warriors of great renown in the ancient world. I love watching movies that make me feel I’m watching life events as it was happening.

‘Hercules’ is about a warrior mercenary with a mystical pedigree . But even with that, he had a painful past that ruined his name, but not knowing the whole truth of how the horrible experience unfolded, he was limited in so many ways and he was practically walking in the dark. Though he was, a formidable warrior, he struggled with his identity. When he finally knew the truth, he became free to fully express who he really was. No wonder, it is said, that, until the pain of where/were we are, is greater than the pain of breaking free, we are likely to remain where/were we are.

The Bible says, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Your true freedom lies in knowing the truth about your roots, your experiences, and your life in general.

Like it or not, we all came from God. Maybe that’s why some people want to deny God so they can be ‘god’. But even in pagan worship, every deity had it’s roots, it’s identity, it’s name, it’s purpose, area of specialisation, pattern of worship for it’s devotees and so on.

So how can a mortal be so arrogant as to think s/he can be a ‘god’ or anything for that matter, without a full knowledge and acceptance of their roots, identity and purpose? Such people will live their lives being miserable in their self imposed deceit and self denial and make others miserable.

Self discovery starts from knowing God, why He created us, why we were born into the family/bloodline we found ourselves. What you know about your bloodline will give you an idea of your purpose in life and the solution you are ‘mixed’ to be.

The tragedy of not discovering yourself in the truth of your pedigree/ancestry/bloodline is that, many people may be destroyed because you couldn’t be the solution at the time it was needed. I hope you and I don’t have blood on our hands, because we were not where we were meant to be, doing what we’re created to be.

You may not be a ‘Hercules’ but you could be the seer friend who gave him the last push into the knowledge of himself, that would enable him to fight harder to save himself and all connected to him — you included.

Or you could be his rookie nephew who saved his life.

Or a warrior who asked questions that made him seek to find the real truth.

He was independent but he also depended on all his loyal warriors, who had become family to him. They could fight on their own individually, but fighting as a unit helped them fight better and survive longer, to fulfill their destinies.

Who are you?

Shalom. ๐ŸŽ†

2 thoughts on “Where did I come from?”

  1. Hello – I was just reading your daily prompt and was a little confused by the Bible quotation: Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you true? I looked at other translations, and all I find say “free”, i.e., the truth shall set you or make you free.

    I know sometimes what is in our head doesn’t necessarily translate to our fingers.

    To the point of your post, I am grateful to be a child of the King.

    Many blessings.

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