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I used to think that a rebel was just someone who makes trouble, does outrageous things for the sole purpose of getting attention — even if it’s negative attention — or attain popularity, even if it an infamous popularity. But now, I think differently.

We all have our definition of what a rebel is. But I believe we all have a rebellious streak in us. Some of us suppress it, some hide it, some pretend not to have or deny it, some like it, some acknowledge it. While others recognise it and use it for a good cause.

If you dare to be different and express that difference, some will call you a rebel, because you are different from what they think you should be.

I’m sure a lot of people, especially in the Parliament, thought William Wilberforce was a rebel. Because he challenged and questioned the status quo. But he was fighting a good cause — the abolition of slave trade, which was met with stiff resistance and opposition. But he persisted, and finally slavery was abolished.

The women who fought for the right to vote and earn equal pay as the men who had the same jobs as them; were also considered rebels. A lot of them probably lost the support and protection of family and friends. They were boycotted and were at the mercy of the authorities who assaulted them and repeatedly threw them in jail. I’m not sure I will have been able to handle being abandoned by my loved ones and being rough-handled by the powers that were. But whatever we may say of these women, I’m able to vote because someone gave up everything — including their lives — to fight for women’s rights to vote, among other things.

Luther an ex-monk who married a nun, was also considered a rebel and a threat to the ‘sanctity’ of the church. Everything he said or did contradicted what the church chose to teach or stand for back then — not necessarily what the Bible teaches. Lives of those who followed him or agreed with him — his included — were in constant danger. I think they were accused of treason. Much as I disagree, I understand — based on Luther’s story and others like him in church history — why there was a call for separation of the church from the affairs of governance. Apparently the church, had misused and abused it’s power and influence, to commit untold atrocities against the innocents, it was meant to protect. But thank God for the word of God which says, ‘I will build my church. And the gates of hell shall not prevail over it.’

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was considered a rebel, because he’s Biblical exposè did not allow the religious leaders to continue deceiving the people for personal gains. They were after his life, because the people loved, followed and listened to him — something they didn’t have. I wonder why.

The true rebels are those who loved and acted based on the selfless love they had for God and humanity. Love for them, is an action word and some of these ‘rebels’ were killed — horribly in most cases, because an example was being made of them — for the cause for God and humanity they strongly believed in.

Being a rebel is deeper than colouring your hair and putting graffiti on your skin, car or the walls, just to create a badass image. It’s believing in a good cause and willing to die for it. It’s said that, anyone who has nothing to die for, has nothing to live for. It is also said that, whatever is not worth dying for, is not living for.

Shalom. 💞🌎💕



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