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Rapid Trends and Timeless Pieces

via Daily Prompt: Rapid 

Hi Everyone.๐Ÿ˜Š

At first, I didn’t know what to write on this topic. I was about to move on, as in, not write. But something from within challenged me, and contrary to what I know of me, I rose up to the challenge and here I am.

I had a blurry day today. It didn’t help that it rained heavily this morning. I was feeling tired, bored, distracted and restless. Quite a dangerous brew, yeah?

I fell into a habit, I’m trying to break. But I’m going to keep getting back up and keep on moving on. I’m quite upset with me for being careless with my well-being.

Times like these, it’s easier to call myself all sorts of names, but what good purpose will that serve? Nil. It’s not easy to feel love towards myself, when I’m not showing love to myself well enough. So I’m kinda pissed with me, but I’m choosing to love myself unconditionally. After all, I have to put my efforts where my mouth is. I have to understand unconditional love on a personal level, by giving unconditional love to myself, so I can recognise and accept it from someone else.

Speaking of rapid. I had to, as usual, check the meaning, to draw inspiration from. What dropped into my mind while reading the meaning, was, trends. Specifically, fashion trends.

As someone who loves fashion and who is a fashion designer; I have noticed trends come and go. But I have noticed some that have remained steady over the decades. Maybe not as hot items, but very relevant. It’s those trends I believe have style, which resonates more with the human nature and environment, that endure the test of time. What we may call ‘timeless’. 

The prints, bright matching and contrasting colours, wrap dresses, Grecian designs, silhouette, cowls, boots, gladiator or boot sandals, jeans, turned up collars, capes, hoods, embroidered clothes, indigenous traditional garments like the saree, kimono, Caribbean skirts and so on; have been around for…. some hundreds of years. Some, for decades. Yet every and any time they are worn, they are stunning, with the latest-in-town aura, that permeates garment and the wearer.

What attracted me to fashion, were those evergreen designs. Most had a quiet simplicity about them, but they were also stylish; and accessorize, complement and gently flatter the wearer. They were simple in their total outlook, but they were as mysterious and difficult to comprehend as the human nature. I think the reason the evergreens have become permanent features in fashion, is because people can’t decode or figure them out. People tend to get bored, when they have seen everything about anything. But something yet to be figured out, holds people’s interest, as long as it’s charm is still a mystery.

The traditional garments and accessories, though most times flamboyant and elaborate, have yet to lose their charm, and they captivate people, who are not even from it’s land of origin. They are ancient work of arts, with stories to every piece, shape, line or curve. They are also symbols of a civilisation and a people. Their symbolism and the stories they tell, makes them evergreen.

Fashion has many definitions. It could be defined as: An expression, a way of life, a transition, a medium of self expression and so on.

I love that nothing is set in stone in fashion. It’s very flexible and accomodating. It’s personal and relative. It promotes and gives sense of belonging.

Shalom. ๐Ÿ‘˜๐Ÿ‘ข๐Ÿฆ‹


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