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“Bubble gum, bubble gum! How many bubble gum do you have?” Chants I remember of pre-primary and early primary school. I never knew how to play that game. But I observed my school mates with interest, when they played the game.

That was my first impression of  ‘bubble‘. It was the brand name of a popular chewing gum way back then. It also became a child’s game of some sort.

Second impression of ‘bubble‘, was in fiction; where someone’s bubble was busted. Meaning, the person’s fantasy had been destroyed.

Third impression was, seeing children making use of the bubble wand, to create many floating bubbles. Babies seem to like bubbles a lot. Their squeal of delight is epic. I would have liked it too, if I can get my mind off floating ‘saliva’.

My latest and favourite impression of bubbles, is no other than the bubble bath 🛀 ! That seems like the fun, relaxing way to wash one’s self. Since bathing is therapeutic, I can understand how an occasional bubble bath is has become a cliche. 

I have had more than a few bubbles myself. Some got busted, by naysayers — within and without. The thing about bubbles is, they are fragile and a less than gentle breeze could bust them. 

Ideas, dreams and aspirations are sometimes like bubbles. They are wonders to behold, but before you know it they are gone — with the wind. It’s why so many people don’t share their bubbles with others. People can sometimes be insensitive, even mean and cruel, in the name of ‘saying the truth’ and being ‘realistic’. 

To turn our bubbles into solid glass, it needs to be supported with goals, that will make our dreams a lasting reality.  

Shalom. 🎆

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