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Highs ‘n’ Lows

Hello Beautiful people šŸ¤— I got carried away by the surge of activities that, I only just got the chance to write, even though the tide is low now — meaning I’m oh so sleepy.

I šŸ¤” think part of being a sanguine, is being tidal, which means we could be extremists more often than we care to count.

I have always been a bit too controlled by emotions and feelings. Most times, I don’t do what is needed to be done because I don’t ‘feel‘ like it. But I’m learning that being a woman-adult entails, doing what I ought to be doing when and how it ought to be done. As opposed to doing things when and how I want or feel like.

It’s not easy, I tell you — to go against your feelings everyday. It’s a tug of war between my wants and right things to do. It’s so exhausting and tiring, that I end up going with my feelings most times. Unhealthy, I know. But I’m taking baby steps.

Whenever I have this surge of energy or emotions, I cut through my to-do list like hot knife through butter. But when the tide decreases, I have to force myself to work.

Feelings, emotions, among other things are tidal, which is why purpose, aspirations and goals are very important. Without aspirations, goals and purpose, we just get carried away with the tides of emotions, that more often than not, leads to nowhere. Purpose helps us control emotions. Passion in purpose overpower anything that may stand in it’s way.

I have learnt to take advantage of my tides and actually preempt it and plan for it. I use the surges in my life to get things done. Kinda like using the temporary light, that the fireworks šŸŽ† provides, for something memorable before the sparks evaporate.

I embrace my tides, but I’m working on controlling them.

When the tides are low, I ignite passion of purpose, to propel me forward. I choose to do the urgent and important things during the lows.

I do the important but not urgent projects when the tides are high. I get things done better and faster.

All these comes from understanding myself, loving and accepting who I’m; learning more about me and working towards a better edition of myself, on a regular basis. It’s an adventurous journey, because you never really know what the unpredictable nature of life, will show you about yourself.

So many people fall apart, because they think self discovery is a destination and once they know enough about themselves to be successful in their endeavours, they believe that’s all there is to it. Then the changes of life happens and they react in a way, they feel is alien to their nature. They could go into denial about it, but eventually they are like, “I don’t recognise myself anymore.” But the truth is, they never fully understood the depth of their being. Nor did they understand that, there will always be more to them than what they think they know.

Understanding that self discovery is a learning process, humbles us. Because we never know, whether what we will find about ourselves, will be pleasant or unpleasant. This also makes us more tolerant, understanding, loving; less judgemental and legalistic towards others. Why? Because when we react negatively in future about…whatever, we need to be loved through the process of revising ourselves to a more positive reaction.

How do you handle your tidal feelings?

Shalom. šŸŒŽ


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