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Hi Everyone. πŸ€— I might be a chatter box, but I realised recently that most of what I have learnt and understood about life and living, are based on observation.

I manage to amaze myself anytime I speak or write, and it makes me feel good about myself, that I’m not an utter fool after all.

I have observed that the simpler things of life are usually the most difficult to comprehend. These same simple things are, more often than not, the solution to problems or complex issues. No wonder the Bible says, God uses the foolish things to confound the wise.

I have observed that; every woman is beautiful in her own unique and special way. Anyone who doesn’t see that, wasn’t meant to see it anyway. However, with the right mindset, love and acceptance of self, the right clothes, colours, accessories, beauty products and a healthy dose of confidence — any woman will be an stunner.

I have observed — more so recently — that reality is not only created but it’s also a matter of perception. Reality means different things to different people. I believe that reality is made by people or a system and not people made for reality. Reality is also not set in stone. If it was, then where does change come in? I believe we’re made to create the reality that suits our divine purpose, instead of conforming to other people’s idea of reality.

We’re all different, therefore we see, perceive, think and reason differently. Our reality should also be different. Only God is unchanging. Everything and everybody else are subject to change.

Therefore, if I’m not comfortable with a particular reality, I’m not under any obligation to accept it. It’s within my God-given power to create the reality I need, to grow and thrive in all areas of my life. It’s allowed. Some people might call that ‘living an illusion’, but if it works for you, then no problem.

God created us, the world we live in, the worlds and realms beyond us, and different from ours. Now are we real or not? Yes, we’re real. Are we illusions because we are created in the midst of an existing reality? No, the reality that existed before us is real and so are we. Things change in a twinkle of an eye. Should we not adjust our thinking to understand the sudden change and the new reality on ground? Of course we should!

So then, why do people so easily conform and accept a reality that is alien to their nature and believe system?

Like I always muse, it’s not a problem if I understand a reality, but I do not have to accept it. Because understanding and acceptance are completely different from each other. None is the same as the other. Actually, only few things can be understood and also accepted.πŸ¦‹

Shalom. 🌿🌎

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3 thoughts on “Observe”

  1. I guess the reason people fail to understand these differences, is because they are too absorbed in trying to convince others, that they are correct and others are wrong. Forgetting that, they and others could be correct at the same time. If not, then there’s always the option of agreeing to disagree.

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